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Xam Gnik - A Max King story.


Apr 14, 2009

Getting kinda bored now in the Summer with his ****** weather and I've got my College stuff sorted out so I've got some free time, so I thought I'd make a new story. This is about a made up lad called Xam Gnik (my name backwards - credit to Kris/Redders as they started that off a while a go I think..). I won't be posting screenshots or anything in this, infact I won't even be playing FM, it's just made up but I will try and make it 'realistic' like a story with FM would, e.g updates on games the player is taking part in, transfers, **** like that, blah blah blah. Yeah so anyway here we go..

Xam Gnik;

I've always wanted to play football professionally since I was young, the beautiful game seems like a fantasy to be a part of.. Some lucky one's make it in the game, most don't though. My Father was a professional footballer back in the day, he played for some Spanish team in the 2nd division, he was a decent player but was never quite good enough for the big league's. He was a centre midfielder, a fighter, the engine - of course, this is what I'm told by people - I was never able to see my Father in action, he died 2 weeks before I was born in an on the pitch collision with another player where he had jumped up for the header and the player bent over, meaning my Father flipped over and landed on his neck. Snap. From an instant second of playing professional football and giving 100%, he was laying on the floor, dead.

The reason I want to do so well playing football is because I want to do what my Father would of wanted me to do - play professional football at it's highest level - playing for my country, in front of thousands and thousands of screaming supporters, cheering my name; maybe even win a few trophies along the way for my club. We can all dream, eh?

I currently just play over the park with friends, I don't even have a club to play with, how am I supposed to become professional when I can't even get into a club? Of course, it doesn't help with my Mother wanting me to pursue other options in life instead of football. She never supported my Father when he played professional football either, refused to watch him play, calling it 'the Barbarians game'. I don't care what my Mum thinks though, if I can become good enough to play professionally but choose not to, it's just a waste, but enough about my Mother and Father..

My name? Xam Gnik. My aim? To do what my Father could never do.



Apr 14, 2009
A breakthrough?

Monday morning;

I woke up to the voice of my Mother screaming 'breakfast!', in a screeching uncomfortable tone, not the best start to the day. I had arranged a match with some of my friends versus the older group of boys from the village. It was a good test for us, and I wanted to try really hard against them to try and improve myself. They were alot better than us physically and at times technically so I knew it'd be hard.

"Mum, I'm going to the park, we've got a football match and it's a pretty big thing in my book!".

"What about your chores? Chores before football, Xam!"

"I promise I'll do them when I get home, Mum, please let me go?"

"Fine, but back before dark or you're grounded for a week, Xam."

"Thanks Mum, see ya later!"

I'd met all my friends at the park, and we saw the older group of boys approaching..

"Alright lads! You up for our game then, yeah?" said the older boy, in a confident tone.

"Er, yeah, s-sure." - I was really nervous, this was a big thing to me, I had to prove something here.

"Sweet, let's play then."

The match began, 5 minutes in and we were already losing 2-0 after they were just ripping us apart, I don't think my other friends were good enough against them and we just couldn't string a pass together.

I picked up the ball in the middle of park, "Xam, through ball!" shouted my friend, Frankie. I didn't play the through ball, I skipped past 1, then 2, then 3, I was 1 on 1, pressure was on.

"******* SHOOT YOU MONG!" shouted my other mate, Dunc, the joker.

I went for precision, I scored! We were back in the game and all my mates gave praise, even Frankie who I had quite selfishly snubbed the option of the through ball to him.

The game continued but we couldn't get another goal, and it ended 2-1, I was gutted to lose but I knew we all played quite well after we got a goal and if it wasn't for the shocking start we had a better chance.

"Unlucky boys, good game there, nice goal aswell Xam!", said the well built boy.

"Oh, er, cheers! Composure's never been my forte but I guess it worked then eh?"

"Definitely mate, do you play for a team? I know you're younger than us but I'm sure if I asked my Dad, our manager, you could have a trial, you're pretty good. It's only an 11 aside kick about team on a Sunday, nothing fancy, but if you're up for it then you're more than welcome to join in bud!"

"Woah, really? You think I'd be good enough to play with all of you? But, but, you're all much better than me in every way?"

"You're young, you can develop, your better than I was at your age mate, don't worry about it."

"I'll ask my Mum about it, she doesn't really support the whole football thing, so I'm not sure.."

"Alright man, well here's my address, pop by when you make a decision."

Even though this was nothing compared to professional football, being offered a chance I've never been offered before in my life is a big step for me. I'm only 14, English with parents who were Spanish, and now options and suddenly flooding in front of me, this is brilliant!

I made the journey home, it was already dark and I knew my Mum was going to be mad at me, hopefully everything will work out okay though..


Who needs Ba; we got Best
Jun 17, 2009
Nice update Max. I'll be interested to see where this one goes. :)


Jul 19, 2009
Dunc the joker XD

The name Xam looks a bit out of place and weird, but it's a nice touch. Well done, and a good start :D


Jan 19, 2010
His name sounds Chinese! Good so far, hopefully it can continue being interesting.