Feb 25, 2011
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a midfielder who can sit in front of the defence and spray forward passes to players the more creative players. (How Pirlo/alonso etc does)

im man city and looking for a player that can slot right into my starting line up alongside yaya, so no more experienced players rather than youngsters (i have bought about 6/7 under 21 wonderkids already)

tried getting the following players but failed:
- de Rossi but Roma demanded 59mil :/
- Ever Banega but Valencia demanded 52mil (release clause)
- benat, signed a new contract which raised his release clause from 17m to 44m
thanks in advance!
Yohan Cabaye.

Verratti turns out amazing too.
Suprising choice: but Bridcutt is really good in the dlp role!
El Capitan, Cesc Fabregas. (Although half of whatever fee you spend will go to Arsenal!)
andrea poli, you will not regret it. he's cheap and grows into an amazing dlp.
Go on the likes of Alonso and Pirlo, and click the find similar players tab..

then just customise the ratings to find more people you want
Schneiderlin from Southampton. Also, Lucas from Liverpool
Crisetig turns out great usually. Teach him to dictate tempo & try long range passes and then sit back and enjoy