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Nov 27, 2010
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Hi guys i know its a bit cheeky but i really need a 48 hour xbox live gold trial code..if anyone has one which they have no use for, could you please PM me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks.
Right lads, cba to make another thread so here it goes;

I forgot to transfer money between banks one month so my XBL subscription for last month wasn't paid so it says my account has been suspended, money has now been transferred so I can make the payment - I do this on XBL by clicking on the 16 digit card number and it just takes me back to my homepage without doing anything...

Any ideas?

Cheers people.
Might be easier to do it on the XBOX web page instead pal.
Ring Xbox Live.

They solved my problem with a code that wasn't processedproperly, they fixed it within 48 hours.
Im getting an XBOX staurday, i was wondering does the wireless adapter come in the package?
if ure gettin one of the new version ones it does have a wireless adapter