XML Parsing Error- Not well formed (invalid token) at line 1 of last game save!!


Apr 23, 2009
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I keep getting this error when i save a game and go back on..

I have deleted my settings and that doesnt seem to work

Any ideas?
I googled your problem and found this, baring in mind this was for fm2010 so i'm not sure if it would work so i apologise in advance if it doesn't.

''Yep, if it's an xml parsing error do this:

If you have a shortcut on your desktop you can do the following:

1. Right-click on the FM shortcut.

2. Properties

3. In the "Target" field, add the --reset_preferences command line option after "fm.exe", so it should look like this:
"C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\fm.exe" --reset_preferences

4. OK.

After the game is working remove the extra command from the shortcut.

If you don't have a shortcut to the game create one. ''
I message pops up saying the specific target box is not valid

Make sure the path and name field is correct
Try deleting the Settings folder from the following program path as detailed below:

- Windows XP:

My Computer -> Local Disk (C -> Documents and Settings -> <username> -> Application Data -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2012 -> Settings

- Windows Vista / Windows 7:

Computer -> Local Disk (C -> Users -> <username> -> AppData -> Roaming -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2012 -> Settings

Please note saved progress may be lost.

Once deleted restart your computer and try launching the game again.

If you are unable to locate the folders please ensure that hidden folders are enabled as detailed below:

- Click on Start
- Select Control Panel
- Select Folder Options*
- Select View
- Select Show Hidden files and folders

*If Folder Options is not shown:

Windows XP/Vista : Select Classic View from the Control Panel.
Windows 7 : Select Large Icons from View By

Taken from:
XML Parsing error - Football Manager 2012 - Neoseeker Forums
I dont have Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2012 -> Settings?
I don't have a problem opening the game, but after I have submitted my team, and press 'Play Game' I get this error message come up:

not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of floating_basic_match_stats_state_changed.xml

The computer than has bit of a fit and I have to restart it. I have tried a reinstall but I can't seem to get rid of it...
I also have the same problem when i open my fm it comes up with that message but has stopped now once i deleted the fm 12 file on app data, i then ran it again and a new file was created. I also dleted the just the settings folder and restarted my laptop and ran it again and that didnt work either. However my fm opens fine and loads my other saved game but when i try to load my other one (the one i have been playing) it goes to load like a quick flash then comes up with the little box saying the saved game could not be loaded. I last saved it today and havent had any previous problems with it. Can anyone tell me what i need to do so i can access it again? any help would be great? How can i get someone to see if they can decorrupt my file?
I had this happened. Since it said it had to do with microsoft I basically ran win7 from the cd. Asked to install win7 again, but said my system was more up-to-date. After that run everything was fine for me. I don't know if that will help for you. Also I did install CCcleaner and basically made sure everything was basically deleted from my computer when I ran it. Now it runs like a charm.
if anyone has this problem go to documents/sportsinteractive/editerdata inside that file which is usually the file that updates go into, just remove the mac0x file or any other files that may have been extracted in that are not needed and you should be good to go again. I hope this makes sense to you as I know what being without fm in times of need. works with vista and windows 7.