its on tv as well, as is dundee u v barca
Setanta :)

my dads cancelling Sky though :(, meh who cares ill be at uni when its finalyl canceled \0/
Doesn't matter i just ordered tickets so I'm going. Screw the establishment that is Setanta!
West CC I think. Its definitley west. Can't wait now, hopefully the big guns are on show because in a friendly the showboating will be awesome.
Will Henry be playing?
He's been declared fit and has flown out so should play a part in it.
:D If Barca take it seriously we will get fcuked.
Yeh. :p

Hopefully some of the Barca youngsters will get a game. Especially Bojan he's pretty silky.
would be good to see what he is like yes and that dos santos will play i reckon
Has Messi travelled because I've seen no photos of him since they arrived?
maybe he got more leave becuase of copa america?
is anyone watchin newcastle vs. celtic? steven harper's playin up front :p
Henry came on as a sub tonight against dundee, scored the winning pen.

Missed the pen, scored the rebound ;)