Nov 12, 2012
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after beeing injured for more than 1.5 years , he came back in A.J Auxerre starting XI , and scored 4 goals last week in his 1st ligue 2 game this year and today he scored a hat trick , 7 goals in 2 games , absolutely brillant . Fm scouts were right ? rumours said he signed already for Lille for next season . your toughts ?

ps: dunno if it the right place to post that topic if not it would be nice to move it
yh he went of the boil for a season or two. i thought he would just end up as an unfulfilled talent, because of his injuries hampering his progress. i think he should stay at AJ for a few seasons, and establish himself in ligue 1.
If he does/did sign for Lille, then I think that he will find his playing time limited by the likes of Nolan roux and moussa sow. He is a great talent though, and I purchase him quite often when I manage clubs in ligue 1.

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