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Jan 11, 2011
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Hi, new postee here.

I have just got promoted to the Premiership with York City, I have been promoted every season apart from were I missed out on the playoffs in the Championship.

I try to only sign youngish players, or cheap old ones. I have 16 Million, and 30k wage budget spare, however I have just lost my Goalkeeper who refused to sign a contract. I have no idea on regens or anything, any advice would be great.

I think I have uploaded my team.

I am sorry to everyone if this is in the wrong section.

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Paul McShane D (RC) IRL 183 cm 72 kg 29 £1.7M
Chris Gunter D (RL) WAL 181 cm 71 kg 25 £1.4M
Sam Ricketts D (RLC), WB (R) WAL 183 cm 75 kg 33 £375K
Ivan Fatic D (LC), WB (L) MNE 188 cm 83 kg 26 £700K Chris Smalling D (C) ENG 192 cm 81 kg 25 £1.9M
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas D (C), DM, M (LC), AM (C), ST ENG 191 cm 86 kg 24 £1.3M
Wilson Souprayen D (C), DM, M (C) FRA 184 cm 74 kg 25 £700K
Armand Traoré D/WB/M/AM (L) FRA 185 cm 70 kg 25 £2.2M
Conor Clifford DM, M (C) IRL 172 cm 68 kg 23 £975K
Emmanuel Frimpong DM, M (C) GHA 183 cm 77 kg 23 £425K
Gauthier Mahoto DM, M (C) COD 185 cm 85 kg 23 £275K
Henri Lansbury M (RLC) ENG 183 cm 86 kg 24 £2M
Lex Immers M (RC), AM (C) NED 187 cm 78 kg 29 £775K
Reece Hands M (C) ENG 186 cm 85 kg 21 £100K
Kyle Ebecilio M (C) NED 180 cm 77 kg 21 £575K
Tom Cleverley M/AM (RLC) ENG 175 cm 67 kg 25 £2.3M
Jordi Gómez M/AM (C) ESP 178 cm 74 kg 30 £190K
Frank Lampard M/AM (C) ENG 184 cm 89 kg 37 £275K
Victor Moses AM (RLC), ST ENG 177 cm 75 kg 24 £1.4M
Jose Baxter AM (RC), ST ENG 180 cm 74 kg 23 £1.7M
Matt Derbyshire ST ENG 178 cm 71 kg 29 £2.7M
Jermaine Beckford ST GRN 188 cm 84 kg 31 £1.2M

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