Feb 15, 2009
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As well as a journey man save (separate thread) I must have a save with the team I follow!!!

I had a successful promotion to prem and mid table finish in FM17 before the game crashed and couldn't be loaded.
So I hope for a good run with SWFC in FM18!!

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We had a very good first season, some rocky games at the start but managed to pick up points during xmas. Sam Baldock turned out to be a very productive loan in January!!!

Played with a simple 4-4-2 counter, direct passing, wide game play fullbacks overlapping.

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SO after gaining promotion, I increased the scouting range and hired some better staff.
A very busy summer transfer window. Hopefully we can have a good start with the top dogs!!

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A change in tactics after hiring some data staff. I opted for a 5-3-2 with wing backs.

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Gone for a counter mentality to hit the big dogs on the break!

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Not the worse start, some back luck against lower teams however the new recruits are settling in well and proving their worth!!
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I started to take charge of all pre game briefings and look more into analysis data. Proves its worth actually as a few tweeks before games got some good results. Such as Arsenal 2-0 victory!!! Few to many leaked goals during final 15mins of games needs to be addressed though!!!
After continuing a 2nd season in the Prem, getting to Janaury making some very good signings, this ******* happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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