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You Tube Girl, Bree

Sep 28, 2005
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ITs quite wierd, i was just looking thru you tube and i found some videos(vlogs) of this bird (bree). And after watching a few i was mildly amused by them, just random acts of randomness. And whlie waiting for motd, i had a look thru the paper and i seen an article on her!!(twilight zone music) and its not in the daily star or some shat like that, its in the ******* times!

Its quite wierd within the space of about 45mins i managed to know a reasonable amount a random person. Theirs just normal videos, but theres sommat about them,

Do any you lot know anything about her ? or seen her "vlogs".

Oh and for the record, shes quite hot..i think that helps, a lot.

her profile.... http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=lonelygirl15
one of her videos..YouTube- Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED!

oh, and her dad knows nothing about this...