Dec 15, 2010
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Roy Hodgson sacked

After a miserable start at liverpool Roy Hodgson gets sacked

Today most of the liverpool fans celebrated after the sacking of their short serving underachieving manager Roy Hodgson. He was sacked after he has a fight with the players of the club after he sold Fernando Torres to Chelsea.

Odds of who the next manager may be the next liverpool manager -

Kenny Dalglish 1/2
Martin O'Neil 9/4
Gerrard Houlier 11/1
Sammy Lee 15/1
Manuel Pellegrini 30/1



Paul Gerrard applies for liverpool manager job

Paul Gerrard ( left ) talking to Steven Gerrard ( right ) after applying for the liverpool job

Today Paul Gerrard ( Steven Gerrards Father ) has applied for the vacant manager spot at liverpool. If he is appointed as the next manager how will Steven react ? Will he still remain at the club ? Will the other players accept him as a manager ? Lots of questions have risen after what Paul Gerrard has done today. Even though Paul Gerrard has no football experience when he came to pick up Steven Gerrard from his training he gave some very good tips to the coaches and this proves he may be one of the best " undiscovered " managers out there . Will Paul Gerrard be accepted as the next liverpool manager ? stay tuned to find out .



Paul Gerrard gets appointed as Liverpool Manager !
Paul and Steven Gerrard Outside the Liverpool stadium.

Today Paul Gerrard was appointed as the Liverpool Manager. The 65 year old has agreed terms and has signed for a 1 year with the club and has become the 19th manager in their history. He will be attending his first press conference after attending his first day training yesterday. He also exclusively told Sky Sports "This is the biggest job in club football and I'm honoured to be taking on the role of manager of Britain's most successful football club. I look forward to meeting the players and the supporters and getting down to work. '


Gerrard Leaves Liverpool !!
Steven Gerrard has left Liverpool today after he said he cant work with his father because of his past experiences

Today Steven Gerrard left his club Liverpool where he spent no less than 15 years ! Gerrard has reportedly left his club after he said he could not work under his father because of his past. Gerrard has never been at another club throughout his life and is reportedly now looking for a new club. He has received severe interest from clubs around the world like Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Where will Gerrard go ? Will he come back to Liverpool ? stay tuned to find out.
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Paul Gerrard's first Press Conference
Paul Gerrard on his way to his first Press Conference

Today Paul Gerrard went on his first press conference and this is how to conversation took place -

Reporter - Hello Mr.Gerrard thank you for being with us here today. I am going to ask you a few questions can you please give honest answers to them ?
Paul - Sure
Reporter - You have very recently been assigned as the new manager of liverpool even though you had no football management experience.How does it feel?
Paul - It is truly a dream come true
Reporter - Lets talk about the latest controversy Steven Gerrard leaving the club. How do you think the team will come without him ?
Paul - Steven was a great player but we have many another great players and we can still win the league without him .
Reporter - Who are you planning on signing this transfer window ?
Paul - I am looking to make quite a few transfer and i am mainly looking on young talent. You will know who i am going to sign in time .
Reporter - There have been rumors that you are going to make a bid for Romelo Lukaku. Are these rumors true ?
Paul - Yes they are true and we are working towards that end.
Reporter - Thank you for your time Mr.Gerrard
Paul - Pleasure
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Liverpool complete 2 major signings
Today Liverpool have completed 2 major signings of Moussa Sissoko and Romelu Lukaku

Today Liverpool's new manager Paul Gerrard completed his first signings ever ! And they were Romelu Lukaku and Moussa Sissoko ! Mr . Gerrard has signed Romelu Lukaku for 7mil and Moussa Sissoko for 14mil. Today after competing both the signings Mr. Gerrard said " I delighted to capture both Moussa and Romelu they are fantastic players and i have a great friendship with them so it was ideal for them to come here.

Liverpool's latest signing Romelu Lukaku signing contract.
Mr. Gerrard also said in that he is trying to get rid of some of the clubs players. Who was he talking about ? stay tuned to find out.
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Steven Gerrard to Man Utd ?
Steven Gerrard with Wayne Rooney training at the Utd camp today

Today Steven Gerrard has gone on trail a weeks trail to Liverpool biggest rivals Man Utd. Steven Gerrard has had a link with Utd ever since he left Liverpool and became a free agent. When we asked Gerrard if he was going to join Utd he said that his mind says he should but his heart is still with Liverpool. If Gerrard does join Utd this may become the biggest transfer deal ever and many Liverpool fans may start hating Gerrard. Will Gerrard join Manchester Utd ? stay tuned to find out.

Liverpool Pre - Season Update


Bournemouth 0 - 6 Liverpool
Moussa Sissoko (30) Jamie Carragher (39,71) Luis Suarez (65,90+2) Andy Carroll (81)


Genk 1 - 5 Liverpool
Marvin Ogunjimi (69) - Andy Carroll (9) Luis Suarez (23) Daniel Agger (62) Milan Jovanovic (70) Joe Cole (79)


Norwich 1 - 3 Liverpool
Simeon Jackson (38) - Andy Carroll (26) Luis Suarez (39) Moussa Sissoko (47) Andy Carroll injured (64)


Liverpool 1 - 2 Hearts
Moussa Sissoko (59) - Jamie Mole (84) Suso Santana (90+1)



Carroll injury hits Liverpool hard
Liverpool striker Andy Carroll out for 3 weeks

Andy Carroll the new signing at liverpool is out for 3 weeks because of a twisted ankle. Carroll was in superb form for liverpool in the Pre season scoring 3 goals in the 3 games he played. How will this injury affect Liverpool's chase for the Barclays Premier League ? we will just have to wait to find out.
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Gerrard back to Liverpool !
Steven Gerrard joins Liverpool !!!!! again.

Today Steven Gerrard has joined Liverpool for a second time in his career after he talked to his mom. Steven Gerrard signed for Liverpool on a contract on a deal which will continue till 2014 on 180k p/w. Steven Gerrard left Liverpool because he felt he could not work under his father. After Steven resigned will he still play his 100% ? we will just have to wait to find out.

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