Young Player of the Year

Young Player of the year

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  • Callum Elliot

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Mikey B

Feb 22, 2006
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These r the contenders for young player of the year, just wonderin who'd win if we were deciding
Naismith is turning into a class striker Reminds me of McCoist and John Robertson a bit the way he plays

Kevin Thompson how ever is a good player and has had a great season.

Callum Elliot,Steve Smith have done ok but nothing great.
Isn't Niasmith more of a forward than a stiker like McCoist?

Anyway, its nice to see you say Elliots only been ok becuase on another forum after Elliot had played like 2 games this Hearts fan was sayign he was wamazing and was better than Riordan, I disagreed and he went mento.
Kevin Thompson got my vote hes had a great season,
but iv not seen alot of him; unlike Steve Smith who i think has also had a good season at LB keeping Ian Murray out of the team.

As I see a lot of rangers' young stars I would have liked to see Alan Hutton's name in there.
He has done sweet fa all season.Dont rate him tbh
Hutton in there!

Hes good but hes barely played!

Also keeping Murray out the team, thats almost as good as wee Roscoe keeping Mo out
Where's Ian Black? He has been outstanding for anyone who has watched a caley game this season, when he doesnt play our team has no creativity and play rubbish football. He at least deserves a mention.
true, not seen a lot of him but he destroyed our defence (mind u, thts not saying nuch;) )