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Jul 6, 2012
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What would you say was the best way for a player to fulfill his potential. Often on psp you will sign a player but he rarely becomes the player he could be. Is it to do with how often i play him or his training?
For me, the best way is to let him play FREQUENTLY and train him also. I got my GK: Olivier Baumann, from letting in all the goals, to keeping the most clean sheets. I got my FC: Robert Lewandowski to missing an open goal and always missing penalties to scoring 2 per match. So for me , you just have to be patient and the player will be better. I waited 3 seasons for my 'Dream Team'. I hope this helps!!
I bought sterling as cover for the left wing in the first season, he ended up playing most games due to injury. Second season he got slightly better but had a long spell on the sideline because of media presure and I bought Bale in the Janurary window. Beginning of the third season I check out all of the updated stats and he is rated as the best player on my team.

Point of this story... I have no Idea what the answer to your question is
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