Young Striker - Zakaria Bakkali and Young Winger - Serge Gnabry


May 9, 2013
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Zakaria Bakkali is a must buy youngster in FM13! He may not have the best stats for a striker, but he's scoring goals pretty much every game in my Arsenal career. He's only 16 and worth around 200k, he can easily become one of your league's/or the world's best strikers if you give him enough playing time on the pitch!

If you want another young attacking player to support Bakkali, I would recommend signing Serge Gnabry. He is an amazing winger. I didn't notice him until I scrolled through my U18s squad and saw him there, I thought I'd give him some experience in the first team so I promoted him, doing this, he is now my first choice right winger. He can have a deadly cross in the game and if you play Wellington Nem on the other side, they link up perfectly with Bakkali giving you some awesome goals! He is also only 16 and he is only worth 100k, I'd definitely sign him if you want some kind of back up or just want a fresh young winger in the team!

Hope this helped!
Tried him before, not that successful. His composure attribute is 3, which even for a sixteen-year-old is shocking.