Nov 2, 2012
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Does anyone know who is the youngest formed team on the game? ideally in English league as thinking to start a new game with that team purely for that reason?

if anyone knows the youngest team on the level 9 pyramid to really give me a challenge would be great.
I don't know if they're the youngest but there's an island team in the combined counties premier (level 9) called Guernsey that were formed in 2011. They have a good stadium, facilities and really good attendances as well.
Ah yes - mojo dex's famous triumph, failing that i had just thought about AFC wimbledon was around 2003 i think - not sure if there are others after that with the exception of Guernsey
radcliffe Borough was founded in 1949 - looking for more recent teams than that,

FC Utd is a good call
Solihull moors would never of got that one,

Guernsey in 2011 is leading the way don't think any club was formed after that surely,
Darlington 20012 reformed for this season

Or you could do one of the other teams that went out of business like Chester Halifax Scarborough or Boston that are couple years older