Feb 26, 2006
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Post some hot prospects that are cheap (eg. not 15+) i need some for the future for my arsenal team especially a DMC as i do not like Gilberto! any1 know any:|
Denilson for Arsenal is decent DMC.

In Barca 'c' team theres an awesome ST. 15 Years Old....about 20 for finishing! called Bojan or something.

Hector Moreno, Arturo Vidal, Ismael (GK), Nicolas Millan, Leandro Gioda

There mostly 18 ish.
thanks, i'm scouting south america and central africa for players hopefully i will find a few hot prospects ;)

Oh! Pa-Moudu Ka is a good DMC but not exactly 'young' :S
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Jamie Mole (as mentioned by Kris aswell) is a decent young striker from Hearts, but costs 2mil. Billy Jones is again pretty decent.

Mark Wilson of Celtic is half decent aswell, young(ish) RB/WB.
I would get custodio but my scout said he was 15mil+ i got two spanish wingers...Raul Garcia (origanally AMC but i've converted him ;)) and Xabi Prieto who are both good! they manage to keep Ljungberg out of the 1st team squad! I also tried to get Gourcuff from AC Milan but he didn't wanna come :(

Oh and thnx for Bojan!
Gonzalo Higuain from River around 7.5m. Scores 25+ and kept Rooney out of the team as him and Saha where miles better.

Also left back from Fluminense around 2.2m Marcelo DL/WB.
HEY! i posted him! never mind :p So im not the only one who as realised how **** Rooney is on the game!