Jul 20, 2010
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So I'm training my my promising 18 yr striker, I put him on poacher focus (heavy), and suddenly a see.... 80% of his attributes are droping

how is it possible?
Are your coaches good enough? How are your youth and training facilities? This may happen for a number of reasons, happened to me when i put my regen AMC on heavy training. Turns out, he's just a lazy basterd, i lowered his training level and he started to progress... Sorry for misspell, english is not my first language.
I'm playing in PM so my coaches and facilities are top notch.... i'll try lowering his traning intensity
I have this issue too, bought a 17 year old who is going to be world destroyer and after playing him first team and training hard he's not progressing. I'll try lowering his intensity too, though this always prompts my coaches to suggest that I put him on higher training. If anyone else has any input I'm interested in hearing that too!
I've managed to get some youngsters to first team, not exactly world beater level (yet), but to national team level at least. I've noticed that if you play him too much, his development will actually stall. Not so much maybe with defenders, but further up the pitch you go, the more I seem to see this. I have their training intensities set at default, so maybe pushing them at training would make a positive difference, don't know, they seem to improve this way as well. :D

So, what I do is that I play them maybe once every 3 games or so, I'm managing a top team in Romania (CFR Cluj) so for me this usually coincides with playing a minnow from the bottom of the table. Whether I'll start the youngster or sub him depends on his level, level of opposition, etc. But 25-30 minutes of game time at least.

Remember that in order for your youngster to progress, he has to play and also has to play somewhat well! This means a average rating of at least 6.8, preferably 7 or higher. Same for players on loan deals. This is of course difficult to achieve if you're playing him against a top team. If your youngster's attributes are heading for the red, it means you're playing him too much, or he's playing poorly, or maybe just his attitude is not professional?
It just happens mate. Don't worry about changing or messing about with training schedules. They won't continue to decline it's just a one-off that will happen every 7-8 months (I assume you know that players develop once every month).

Trust me I've been analysing the development trend of my youngsters for 22 seasons now. I've had about 30 U-18s come through and it's been the same for each and every one.
If you put your youngsters into a 'heavy' or 'very heavy' schedule be careful for long term injuries because that will definitely stall their progress. Also make sure to give them long time breaks when they become jaded ('rst' icons next to their names)