Dec 21, 2005
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Basically, since i got a new db, one with fc united on it, i havent had any good youngsters with decent potential, this isnt because im using fc united on my game, im with man utd now, adn the max potential i can seem to get is 140. all the other clubs in premiership have better potential, even the ones coming up from league one! and ideas to why this is?? :|:|:|
Well ive never once had a dcent youngster through my academy in fm 05 or 06 :(
The only one i've ever had is on my current game with Arsenal. Simon Williams, CB. Usually it's the **** clubs that get the high PA regens.
so do you think that i will get a decent youngster through once and a while?
i jus do a career game, see who gets good that are realy young at the start

note down their names and just buy them next time i do a game :p
i do that anyway but i always had a decent player come through the ranks every season, now there ****! wtf is up with that
Well it did take me 4 seasons for a good youth to come through the academy so you're lucky you had one every year. I've had to invest in youth instead :(