Your best signing on FM19


Nov 27, 2017
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Haven’t seen this thread so far... so who is the best player you’ve signed so far?

club you are?
achievements of the player...
Federico Chiesa- Fiorentina Italy. **** expensive but he turns into the best amr/mr on the game. Cost 40-70 mill in 2nd season, any later he will be 100mill+
Manuel locatelli- Sassuolo Italy. 2nd season signing for any team, he will be your best centre mid. Cost 20-40 mill
Maximiliano Gomez- Vigo Spain. Another great signing for 2nd season. He will be your top goal scorer. Cost 25-35 mill
Lincoln from Fluminense. Got him for £12.5m for Bristol City in 3rd season and he's now a club legend after half a dozen years for 20-25 goals a season.
Not sure this helps you pick someone to sign, as mine is a regen:

Edimario - 18 Year Old Striker from Brazil - £14m Release Clause - signed to Arsenal

First season scored 40+ goals in all comps, EPL Top Scorer, Champions League Top Goalscorer, Young Player of the Year - Worth £60m after one season.

In terms of real players, gotta be my boy Phil Foden. I took him on loan for two years at Crystal Palace, then two years at Arsenal, before signing him for £35m - he's mint.
Giorgi Arabidze. He was bouncing between clubs, and when I finally managed to sign him for £27m in my 5th season with Hamburg, I haven't looked back since. Absolutely unreal player. Only 20 at the start of the game as well, IIRC
I’ve only just started my first save after picking up the game. But I managed to sign Ashley Fletcher on loan for MK Dons in league 2, expecting big things
At first season with Arsenal I'm gonna try to build all english players squad. And Phil Foden is looks very promising as well, I've try to buy it but estimated cost is too high. I was try to buy it in loan with 5 mil for 1 season but Man City refuse all the time my offers. For what cost you loan him?

As an additional, can you guys tell me some decent english players ( CB's, CM's and FB's and maybe striker as well)
Sandro Tonali. I signed him for Everton for £6M.

1st season.... 8 goals and assists, 7.2 rating.

2nd season.... 5 goals and 11 assists, 7.3 rating.

I sold him to Chelsea for £44M.
scottish dlp support midfielder regen i signed was at 2.5 stars ca 19 years of age has been amazing understudy to take over pogba only 4.8m bargain for a top draw regen possibly 5 stars
I can highly recommend Juanma (Dl) for any div 2 side. Got him on a free at the end of the first season from Liverpool in my Salford save, now after 49 first team games he is still averaging over 7.0 per game. At the end of the second season (2019-20) he was selected for the Salford's team of the season and inducted into their best overall 11, no personal honours as yet but at 23 there is still time for him.
Maxi Romero at my NYC save... Goal Machine.




Found a couple more lower league gems picked up two decent CD at the start of season 3 for Millwall who had just been relegated to Division 1. Ed Francis formerly of Man City was picked up for free
Whilst Luca Ercolani cost 67k from Boreham Wood (he is at Man Utd at the beginning of the game)
. Both are still young and although I don't think they will never be world beaters they should make a decent Championship standard players
Thiago Almanda

Absolutely unreal player in terms of technical ability and games IQ.
David Silva esque - height is a problem but passing, technique, vision are absolutely unbeleivable.

This is him at 19y.o (I picked him at one year earlier at Villa and he couldn't even get a work permite so essentially a year wasted), and this is his quality.


So excited to see where he goes in the future!
I don't know if it's the formation/tactic I play but my Strikers are always immense.

NL/L2: Josh Umerah (cost £28k)
L1/CH: Kaylen Hinds (free)
L1: Dimitri Sea (two-years on loan)
L1/CH: Rodel Richards (£78k)
PR: Ahmed Kutucu (£5.75m in about season six, sold for £51m three years later)
PR: Joao Pedro

Otherwise, my defenders haven't done badly either up until the Championship.

NL/L2/L1/CH: Rhys Williams (free)
NL/L2/L1: Di'Shon Bernard (free)
L2/L1/CH: Joel Latibeudiere (free)

Otherwise, midfielders fade out a bit quicker. Though have liked Nathan Broadhead (free), Ian Carlo Poveda (free), George Dowling (loan, then free), Alex Pattison (free), amongst others...

Then a **** load of regens. My team is basically all regens now.
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Broad question.

When I was with Braga, Arabidze was quite the signing. Joined for around 5M€ if I remember correctly, and did a phenomenal job.
Bernal was also a great signing with Braga for less than 1M€ (screenshot)
Now I left for Club America and I'm pretty excited about a player who will join us, he has everything and will be on paper by very very far the best player in the club (screenshot)

Oh and I forgot him, who had no contract at 16, stayed like that until 18 when he could finally join us at Braga, to become one of the best in the world
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