Your Clubs Best Signing


Sep 15, 2005
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So who do you think is the best player your club has signed for the coming season and why.

For me it is Andriy Voronin, he looks like an intelligent player and looks to have formed an understanding with Crouch and Kuyt already. I hope he gets a big part to play for us and doesn't end up coming behind Babel and Torres in the pecking order.
well up to now i think its either alan smith or geremi. smith is a good payer, but in terms of value geremi gets ahead, just for the fact that he was free.
Freddy Eastwood. Young, scores and has it all to prove. When he reaches full fitness I think he'll score a fair few for us.

Nice to see us buying prospects again instead of ageing has beens (like Michael Gray :rolleyes: )
Scot Brown easily, such a great player, can control a whole game easily controling the tempo, and he never seems to tire
For this season I think it will either be Tevez or Hargreaves who make the most impact-Tevez for obvious reasons but I think Owen will help us alot more in Europe and allow Scholes and Carrick to have even better seasons than last.
Larry Kingston...played well from Jan last year spec against Rangers and ig any player can tare apart Rangers he cannot be that bad. sorta player that can play good paces and change the pace of a game.
Erm, difficult one really.

Woodgate, top class defender, so would probably have to be him as long as he stays injury free again.

But then again, Luke Young for £2.5m is a bargain. The best RB we have had in years, and as long as his heart is in it, then yeah should be decent.

Then the two unsures, Tuncay and Aliadiere. Aliadiere could turn out to be a fantastic signing (looking promising in pre season) and Tuncay i don't really know much about so not going to comment, but Turkish fans seem to worship the man.
Aliadiere was terrible at Celtic, and i guess he was **** that whole season as he lasted like a month at us, couple at wet spam then was bumpt down to the championship with Wolves, dunno how he did, boozad?
Didnt really make any sort of impact to be honest. Couldnt say Id go out of my way to sign him like....
I think Tevez but Nani will show little bits of what he might get upto next season.
Eifion Williams, experienced at scoring goals in league 2.
Tevez, I thought he had a great season last year and hopefully he can do even better for Man Utd.

Nani has looked ok, I would like to see Anderson though. Still not much of a fan of hargreaves, especially now that it means there will be no room for the mighty O'shea in midfield :(
I wouldnt worry Sean, i'd imagine Silvestre will be off soon, so o'**** will be cover for LB
Its elliot for me proven goalscorer in a winning team, no need to say anything else
I wouldnt worry Sean, i'd imagine Silvestre will be off soon, so o'**** will be cover for LB

Awwww but I like the alien, don't want him to leave :(
I hope he does go and Gaby stays, Silvestre is nothing compared to him. Also Hargreaves > O Shea obvttm in midfield.