Start of 20/21 season with Middlesbrough, won the Premier league & Europa League last season

GK - D. Livakovic
RB - T. Castagne
LB - K. Tierney
CB - J. Tarkowski
CB - B. Gibson/E. Ader Balanta
DM - W. Carvalho/Lucas Silva
DM - M. Cuisance
MR - H. Costa/G. Kakuta
ML - Demarai Gray
CF - K. Iheanacho/I. Aspas (On loan)
CF - B. Assombalonga/M. Rashford (On loan)
Here is my team.. I am buying only they gain second spanish nationality after 2 years.. still 1 italian in team, my brazilian backup GK isnt still good enough.. here we go..

Doing a job.. After Scuffet injury.. He gain 18 points in 1vs1.. from then nb.1 (looking for long stay..2GK coming.. but 16 years both..)

Good player, but looking to improve.. My backup (brazilian who started at club, will soon kick this guy from starting 11) - he was winger, so I retrained as DR.. Looked for complete wing back..

One of my most payed players (16 M, and he had second nationality).. great player.. much better than RB

playing on left side, with left foot..Regen player.. international debut at 19! awesome found..

another regen.. still can improve a lot..

found him after few season.. used BWM.. but this guy took place with DLP.. still very good at defense

another regen..paid a lot for that guy.. but look awesome.. in few years probably best player in team?

My favored player.. found him at first season.. still in.. retrained as MC (lack of physical, but I have 2 other MC and DMC who cover and work for him..) CAPTAIN

great player.. improved a lot!! could play in any team!

I get him for free.. he was "support player".."exchange" for rodrygo.. but just can not stop improve.. so I am trying to retrain him as AMR.. only problem is that in 7+ years, I still did not found good LEFT FOOTED AMR, so he can CUT INSIDE and SCORE.. but this guy do things too.. with his RIGHT.. many goals.. many assist by running down right (even if he is trained to run tru middle)

what to say!! cheap player.. loaned out 13 games/ 12 goals!! loaned next season to sevilla.. 3(5) games / 3 goals (played in europa league mostly).. I took him back in winter.. NEVER CHANGED HIM AFTER THAT.. COMPLETE FORWARD.. already LEGEND of club.. Finishing only 15, even if I put to train that!!! but mental stats, and all round attacker.. never had so MUCH GOALS FROM 1 players in my football manager games (do not count if you RESTART GAMES).. just look how many he scores!! one years, he won all world awards.. first time happend to me (offen I am playing smaller teams)
+ young players waiting to be transfered.. you can buy brazilian when he is 18 years old.. so I did some "transfers agreements" few years ago.. for cheaper.. when they still young.. never enough.. always scouting that league.. their STUFF is also.. SOME EXTRA CHEAP.. and do well in spain.. almnost brazilian colony heh...
YELLOW BRAZILIANS, YELLOW VILLARREAL :) (..and as manager.. I got only NATIONAL LICENCE (best one, not continental) + professional player (not international!).. I think..that in this game.. half things are about "ranking".. if stupid players many times repeat.. they could dominate with VANARAMA club? in few years.. not possible kids.. where is that 20+ years save? need to sell some players.. or they just go.. or clause is too low.. coz you can not put higher release clause.. or.. how did you get money for state of art training facilities? + youth later? my save.. no buys over 20MK.. only 3-4 higher than 10 mk.. .. .. like 250-300 MK in bank.. wanna save? :D
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