Apr 3, 2013
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What is your current save
i'm looking for a new one want to see the variety of saves you guys have?
not feeling england league fancy somewhere abroad
what save/seasons you in?
Year 2037. Started unemployed, then got hired by Brechin in the 3rd Scottish tier. Managed to gain promotion to the Scottish Premier League, then went into administration, but still, somehow, managed a 5th place. Went to Volyn Lutsk in Ukraine in 2017 but only stayed there for a year and a half. Went to Fiorentina in January 2019, struggled a bit in the beginning, but ended up with winning everything possible, making them the most succesful European team, and becoming a legend at the club. Transfered to Real Madrid in 2026, won everything, making them te most feared team in the world. Got bored, let my contract expire in 2031, and first in october 2032 i decided to go to Botafogo in Brazil (try something new). Having great fun with them still. My contract ends in 2039, so I'll might just let it run 'tillthe end and the see where I can go at that time.

Also, the Real Madrid team is still pretty much intact with the same core of players I trained, and they have won the leaue every season since I left. I love it wen the teams you leave still march on, proves that you built a great squad.
Hebburn Town from Lowest league pyramid ... to prem .. my first season finished 6th .. now in Europa League ready to build and push for Champs League Year 2022 ... gonna try and win everything i can and go do san marino or something similar. Really enjoying this one atm tho .... still got a CB i got on a free from Spurs in my very first season .. William Ekong every season he averages 7.8 - 8.0 + thought he would struggle in my first season in prem but averaged a 7.7+ he is a legend with me at the club he has played nearly every game every season its crazy haha.
I just started a save where I tried to replicate my best FM12 career.

Started with Spain national team, sacked after performing horribly in the Euros, took charge of England, and won the World Cup with us being the underdogs in the tournament. After I left England, i managed Liverpool, Spartak Moscow and Sevilla. I wasn't really successful but it was a really enjoyable save, i got up to 2023.
Only in my 2nd season but QPR really enjoying it 6th in the BPL
Doing a Helenio Herrera tribute save, playing with his tactics etc;

He trained a player to death once, unfortunately i cant replicate that!
Mine is a San Marino one. Got them in Serie A, was third in last season, now i'm for the first time in Champions League. Got a bunch of youngsters over years, they are just becoming beasts. Having so much fun playing with them.
Zenit st petersberg, year 2027. won the champions league 6 times on the trott and the best save i've ever had on fm
Just played my 1000th game as Torquay manager. Rose from the BSP and been in the prem around 10 seasons. Two titles and 5 league cups, plus a few losing finals in the FA and Champs league.
Currently playing a Sporting Lisbon save came 3rd in first season but struggled. Hoping to get a few more players in to challenge for the title and maybe have a good run in the CL as well.
Currently playing as Wigan Athletic in my 6th season, a really enjoyable save! :)
St Neots town 2030 won prem 2 years in a row and European cup, more enjoyable whilst in lower leagues still pretty decent producing some great England players through my youth team
1860 Munich! i'm in the 2018/19 season and we've just got into the champions league last qualifying round, loving this save, most enjoyable one.....the ones where you see your regens turn into monsters are always the best saves
Dag & Red in 2018. My second season in the Premier League after working them up from League 2. Did not know anything about the club or where they were located, I just liked the name from a previous unsuccessful save with another League 2 squad. I want to stick with this save until I win the Premier League but I have to change my mentality. I am too cheap and won't splash the cash. I take in all the rejects on free and stick them in my squad. I also want to develop a good youth network.
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I'm at San Marino (Domestic and national sides), about three quarters way through the 2023-2024 season. After getting them promoted to the Serie A via the play-offs in the Serie B and winning the Serie C1/A, I've won numerous Serie A titles, seven Italian Cups, the Europa League, the European super cup as well as the domestic super cup quite a few times. But I've struggled in the Champions League, I've never got past the quarter finals and only ever reached that stage twice!
On the national side of it I'm struggling badly having only won two competitive matches...
In my third season with Southampton, currently challenging for a champions league spot and signed Kaka on a free transfer. Looking to move clubs at the end of my contract though for a new challenge in a different league as I have only played in the PL on this game so far.