Mar 6, 2013
Reaction score
I was playing on my Aachen save earlier and pulled off two pretty good comebacks in my opinion.

The first was against HSV in the German cup 1st round which I won 3-2 in the end. I took the lead through Freddy Borg (ST) in the 14th minute but they equalized two minutes later through Van Der Vaart. I can't recall the name of their striker who then scored in to second half in the 70th minute but I know he's South Korean anyway. I then went onto overload which in the past has never really worked for me so I was reluctant to change to it as I usually concede on the break while using it but since we were the underdogs I felt there was nothing to lose. It turned out to work a treat and Timmy Thiele (ST) Scored in the 82nd minute to level it up again. I then contemplated changing our mind set to contain to try to take it to extra time but decided to keep it on overload, this payed off as in the 91st minute Rene Adler came out to clear a lazy through ball played from one of my CBs but completely fluffed his lines and miscued it straight to Thiele who had the simplest of tasks to roll it into the empty net. My first major upset in this game so far as I am still in the third division.

The second of my comebacks was a game that we should have never been loosing to start with against Munster ( Don't know how to add the two dots above the u) in the third division away from home. The first half went by without any incident and no team in control as I was resting many players for an upcoming game with Saarbrucken who are a bigger threat to us. I was disappointed not to be leading at half time and foolishly, aggressively told the players I wasn't happy, which, despite motivating a few, confused the majority of my team. I didn't make any tactical changes which immediately backfired as Taylor scored for them in the 48th minute off a cross, which I see far too much. He then scored again in the 63rd minute while I was tinkering with tactics. At this point I decided once again that we may as well go for it and changed our mentality to overload and sat back to see what happened. Sure enough just like the HSV game we scored straight away with Demai ( CM ) scoring in the 67th minute, followed by Thiele again scoring in the 78th. Once again I was left with the decision of whether or not to keep pressing or try to settle for the draw. I went kind of in between telling my players to keep possession rather than launch the ball forwards. We had several opportunities to take the lead but we kept passing them up poorly. Then in the 89th minute Thiele the poacher latched onto a long ball from the RB Erb and slotted past the keeper to give us another 3-2 lead.

Sorry if you didn't want to read all that , I'm just pretty buzzing about it and want to know what your greatest comebacks are.
I've had many and to be honest I can't really remember them all.
But I had one just recently, yesterday if I recall correctly.

It was the FA Cup Semi Final, I was managing Heather St John and playing against Tottenham. I decided put on my best players that I feel should be enough to see off the strengths of Tottenham
Everything went well, very well infact, and in the 5th minute, we scored an early lead. Two minutes later, the score drew level...A couple of minutes later, it was 1 - 2... we were losing. It got worse, and worse: 1 - 3, 1 - 4,....
By half time we were losing 1 - 5.
I was unhappy, haha. I knew at this stage it was going to be very hard to draw level, or even win, which was impossible.
So I made radical changes in the hopes of scoring 1 or 2 to make it less embarrassing.

I went aggro in team talks, and forced them to play with an Overload strategy, and changed the playing style to be a bit more attacking, to a more supporting attacking phase.

Long story short, we managed to just win it, 7-6. Scored in the very last second. Surprisingly, it was my defender. Scored 5 goals from throw ins and corners.