Your lowest and highest match rating for a player


Apr 2, 2012
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As the title says, interested in the best and worst ratings your player has got in a game.
For me, I had a regen get a 10.00 match rating after scoring 6 goals and Evgeny Makeev got my lowest with a 3.12 rating. Got hammered 5-0 and he gave away 2 penalties.
I've had 10 rating a couple of times. Lowest rating I can remember is 5.2. Never seen any of my players get 4.x or lower.
I've had numerous 10.00's, I think the best I had in one game was 2 with another at 9.7 but I did have one hattrick, a centreback on 2 goals with a cleansheet and a player with something like 3 assists and a goal, was against far weaker opposition though and if I remember rightly they had their number 1 keeper out injured and were down to 10 men really early on.
Had a couple 10's, pretty sure if you play this game for several seasons you will have one eventually. The lowest I ever had was a 4. something, think it was like 4.3. Don't remember exactly who it was, but I think it was so low because they gave up a penalty and missed several close scoring opportunities
saw Man utd beat a team 13-0 went to see what the player ratings were Man u had 4 10 ratings. The one of the reading centre backs had 0.2. Strange thing thou the computer didnt sub the player that had 0.2 but a player that had 5.4 ( the highest rating of any of the reading players!)
10s aren't too hard to get, once you play through a few seasons you'll pick a few up.
Lowest I've seen that I can remember was 4.9, guy scored an own goal and gave away a penalty. Don't really get any lower than 6.4/6.5 during the normal course of a season unless things go horrid in a game.
had a lot of 10's my lowest ever was a 6.4

You've seriously never had a 5.9? I get that pretty often no matter what team/players I am. Even in a victory I will sometimes have that one player with a 5.9
He shouldn't be playing then, I pick the right squad every time evaluating each player during mid week training, who is getting on well etc. if any of my players got a 5.9 they would be transfer listed.