Feb 4, 2013
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In my Everton save I bought Vladimir Weiss and over his first two seasons he has been outstanding...or so I thought. I watch him in the games and I swear hes getting the ball all the time and setting up every second goal and scoring heaps. But I must be imagining it all. I was about to come on here and rave about him to you all and I just checked his actual returns to give my story more beef. Turns out hes done ****** all stats wise. 3 goals and 3 assists season one. Season two only 3 assists and 1 goal.

I must just have seen one great goal and watched the rest of the games with blinkers on I guess. Haha

I was just wondering if anyone else has found this with their own teams? Do you watch game after game and go "Wow! That guy is a beast" only to look at his figures and go "oh..."
I had Weiss at QPR and he was sensational! watching and stats! and this was 2nd season as well! so its even better due to the fact he was with me at QPR :)

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Well if his stats do not add up to the goals and assists you "think" he is actually scoring and setting up, then something must be wrong mate :)
I wasn't complaining about him. I'm well happy with his contribution. I just used him as an example. I was just wondering if other players had those moments where their impressions of the player wasn't exactly the same as how they were performing. Just thought it was funny is all.
I'm having it the other way round. It happens a lot lately where I watch a match and go "man, this guy sucks big time, useless garbage player, I hate him...sure he missed again..." and then when I look at his stats "huh... 0.9 goals per game, avg. rating 7.6, scored most of my goals... guess he's actually not that useless..." :)