Mar 10, 2013
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Playing in the Championship league with Dag & Red, I was beat down by Everton 2-7. My two goals came from a dubious penalty and a corner in extra time. Yes I was hit by the injury curse. Both of my ironman right backs got 3 week injuries in the previous match and all I had was a middle fielder and a journeyman that were competent at the position, and a 17 year old youth squad player! But it was my veteran CB that had a match rating of 3.8 but I could not sub because there was no one left that could play the position because my backups were either playing fullback or injured.
Whilst second in the league with Liverpool on a previous save I traveled to Hull for an FA cup 4th road tie expecting a comfortable game. Played Reina, Kelly, Coates, Agger, Robinson, Gerrard, Lucas, Allen, Downing, Suarez and Borini and lost 6-1. Inexplicable.
A 6-2 defeat while playing as Cardiff vs Chelsea. 2-0 up at half time them my team just capitulated after that. 3 goals from Chelsea in 15 mins, 2 red cards for me then another 3 goals in the final 10 minutes. Don't think I've ever lost by more than 4 on FM13!
3-0 loss to Reading in the 3rd round of the FA Cup(Quite frankly I planned to get eliminated, but not by that scoreline.)
A 3-0 loss to Manchester City, all I got was 1 shot all game.
4-0'd by bayern in 1 half, 6-0 playing as Chelsea in CL semis... but most of my players were extremely tired from other fixtures, so that definitely played a role
I got beat 10-0 by Aston Villa as Nottingham Forest, I had just finished 6th in the PL last season but this season we lost 10-0 we were doing awful and we were in the relegation zone for most of the season before I was sacked.
When I was West Brom I lost 7-0 to City at the Etihad. Considering I had players like Lukaku, Nem & Forren in my team it wasn't my best moment I must admit! Went on to qualify for Europe that season, so thankfully it was only a blimp in my season. Still, not proud. Even Kolo Toure scored against me.
Plenty of 5/6-0's vs United over the seasons as Liverpool. The one team that I just can't play against. They always have the better of me. Only won 2 matches out of like, 15 against them in 5 seasons.
In my San Marino save, second season, i got in Coppa Italia final, had LOT of luck on the way, my opponents had a man sent off, beaten Napoli. In final, vs. AC Milan. They trashed me, 0:3 in 20 minutes, my player got red in 36. and i feared that disaster was on my way. Luckily, they scored just one more, ended finale 0:4. Next season, second qualif. round, again AC Milan, easily 4:0 for them... I will have my revenge, soon, as i get in Serie A.
Lost 6-0 to Man Utd in the Champions League Quarter Finals, after having won the 1st leg 4-0. It's fair to say I was distraught.
Arsenal first season... top of the league 100% record after 9 games.

Lose 4-0 to villa at the Emirates after Wilshere gets sent off early!
playing as chelsea in the 2nd season..beat city 1 nil in game against aston villa at my home..lost 6 shots..and i dominated the game! WHY???
Not sure how but started a new save as Chelsea again, and I got crushed by Norwich at away 7-0... Grant holt 6 goals. wtf. And I was on a 10 game winning streak.
I was Bayern Munich and lost 7-1 AT HOME to Stuttgart...Eventually I won the league and got to the semi-finals of the CL so not too bad in the end.
Lost 7-0 away to Arsenal back in FM2010

Haven't lost by more than 3 goals yet in this game.
Champions League semi-final, Juve against Atletico Madrid. Won the first leg 4-0 at home, although it was highly jammy with the latter two being both own goals. Second leg in Madrid, 7-0 Atletico. I must have resembled Munch's "The Scream" watching it.

And an honourable mention to a game I actually won. Again, Champions League semi-final, Barca vs Bayern. Won the first leg 5-0 at home (and no jamminess involved, just an absurdly good squad bought with a £250m transfer budget. No, I wasn't using an editor.) Then went to Bayern and went 1-0 up (6-0 agg) after about twenty minutes. At that point, I subbed off my left-back, as he was on a yellow and if he'd got a second I would have had a severe selection headache in the final. On went an inexperienced and honestly somewhat **** right back I'd bought in January.

Final score, 6-1 Bayern, Barca through on the away goal. Bayern missed at least three sitters. Well, hey, my logic in gutting my defence was "this is probably a bad idea but there's no way they're going to score seven", and I was right...
Using Diablo tactic in cm03/04 and lost 3-1 against WBA....
Remember being on a really good run (like 6,7 wins in a row) including wins against man city, man utd etc then played Everton away and got slapped 6-1. It was bizarre :p Played my best players,same tactic as normal.. I always seem to randomly lose to Everton - they're my bogey team :L
4-0 as Chelsea to PSG in first leg of Champions League semi :(

Beat them 6-1 in the second leg. Was mental.
Mine is not really a drubbing but is one of the most painful defeats I've ever had. I was Southampton against Bristol City in the cup. At half time it was 4-0 to Bristol so I went so overload and brought on some of my big players that I had left on the bench. By the 70th minute I had leveled it 4-4 and was delighted. I left it at overload and took a 5-4 lead in the 87th minute and got that exited that I forgot to switch it back down to control or standard. So predictably, in the 93rd minute, they hit us on the counter to make it 5-5 and straight from the kick off, we lost the ball and they scored from 30 yards out. 6-5. Next game I beat Fulham 9-3 in the league.