Youth coach and first team coach...


Jan 14, 2011
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I am building youth academy,I improve all fascilites,and i have all great coach,and training schedules....But how to find good youth coach,what attributes he must to have,maybe Working with youngester and DDM,but I am not sure,and also I want to now ,wwhat is first team coach...


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Also,I would like for suggestion,who is good youth coach,that will come to Red Star...
There is not much difference between First Team Coach and Coach. The only difference is that the First Team Coach cannot take up the training of the youth team. I generally tend to avoid first-team coaches.

Yes, youth coaches need that particular training speciality, eg. goalkeeping, DDM and Working with Youngsters. I dont keep youth coaches as well as they eat up the staff room for my team. I only keep coaches.
I look this helloker list...that i Found my coaches..I must bought good youth coaches to improve my regens,or it seem that if i have good coaches,i do not need youth coach,Am I right?????
I only have bad assistant manager,but he do not need to me...
I do not have first-team coaches... :D
If you dont have ur *** man in press conferences, match preparation, setting OI etc. then theres no point in having a World Class Assistant Manager.
I have *** manager,but he is only formal,but I will buy and good assistant..for any case :D