Sep 23, 2010
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My youth facility upgrade planning started 02/06/13 and finished 22/07/13. However, it is now 08/12/13 and there has been no progress since and the Youth Facility Upgrade Request is greyed out because I have "used it recently." I assume there is more to the upgrade than just planning but I have no idea why it has been stalled for almost five months. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Don't worry, that's normal. Those bars will still be there when the upgrade has finfished. Check your facilities tab, the improvements should already have taken place...
should have been completed by 10/13 , just wait , stadium expansion usually end by 11 / 12 and I had one end at march
its a bug, in one game i kept wasting money upgrading and nothing would happen! so i ended up using FMRTE to upgrade them one point each from then on it worked
I remember being worried about the same thing, but it turned out that the actual construction began during the summer and I just had to wait until then.
Ive had an annoying one, the board finally relented and invested in youth facilities, finished in Nov of 2015. Summer of 2016 I have a message saying that due to technological advances my facilities have been downgraded and my brand new facility is average again?!