youth intake attributes suddenly hidden

Dika 1421

Nov 30, 2012
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As the title says, It's march in my game so I figured I'd check the youth intake in mexico in case a new messi appeared there or something and i find that there are no attributes showing at all, The last time I checked was march of the previous year and as it's always been Just some of the attributes were showing which usually shows if he's sort of good and whether i wanna fully scout him or not at least, but now if i wanna see the attributes i have to get a report from my scouts for every single player because none of it is showing at all like i said, it's 2017 in my game so maybe this happens once u go forward in the years i don't know, so i was wondering if that's happened to anyone and if there's a way it can go back to the way it was :(
Its to do with attribute masking. When you start the save you can untick it so it will always show all the stats. In this case a limited knowledge of the players means the attritubes will be masked. Check each players coaching report and see how they compare to anyone you currently have. Thats the easy way round this problem if the player is already at your club