Mar 20, 2013
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Unproven Manager Joins Atletico Madrid!

Unproven Manager Matthew Johnson has taken charge at La Liga side Atletico Madrid, many fans are not happy with the decision considering how well the team are doing now and due to the fact that many top managers wanted the Atletico job! However, the Madrid board seem confident that Johnson is the right man for the job! He has just taken part in his first interview, here is what he said:

Interviewer: Hello Matthew, congratulations on taking charge at Atletico Madrid. Were you shocked they hired you?
Matthew: Not shocked, pleased. I'm not going to be false and make a sob story and say how this is one of the best moments ever and I was completely shocked that I got hired, I'm extremely pleased that I got hired but I wasn't shocked, I feel that my policies made me the perfect man for the job!
Interviewer: What were your policies?
Matthew: Youth. Is. Key. That is all I am going to answer, thank you for your questions, goodbye.

Matthew Johnson has certainly said his name on the scene with that interview, but can he cope in the big league? We will soon find out!

So guys, my plan is to only buy players under the age of 23 for the first 5 years then after 5 years I will not sign anyone over 21 years old! I hope you all stay with me through the journey and enjoy it as much as I hope you do!

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So, this is my August review with all my signings included as well!


Signing 1

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£600k compensation fee - PSV

Will be a great first team player in years to come! Remember guys, I am only signing players aged under 23!

Signing 2

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£1.8m compensation fee - Shalke

He is already a good player now and will become amazing in years to come!

Signing 3

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£925k compensation fee - Flamengo

Again, another great youngster and those are some amazing stats for an 18 year old, so he will become one of our star players in years to come!!

Final Signing

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£6.5m - Derby

This lad is already a first team player and will become one of the best players in the world! He is a class act and I think £6.5m is a bargain for such a young talent!


La Liga
Deportivo 0-2 Atletico Madrid
Goalscorers: Falcao, Will Hughes

A great result for my first game of the season! And Will Hughes scores on his debut, fantastic all round!

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La Liga
Atletico Madrid 1-0 Barcelona
Goalscorer: Miranda

And amazing result for us! It wasn't even like they dominated us, we were evenly matched and we just got that vital goal!

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La Liga
Celta 0-3 Atletico Madrid
Goalscorers: Arda Turan, Koke, Falcao

Another great result, that result means we end our first month unbeaten in first place! Great 3 games! Fantastic performances.

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League Table!

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1st in the league going into September however everyone else has a game in hand, but 3 wins out of 3 and one against Barca makes me a very happy man!

Player Of The Month!

Will Hughes!

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It had to be him! He's made a great move from Npower Championship football to La Liga football with 1 goal, 2 assists and 1 MotM in 3 games and an average rating of 7.83!

​Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next update!