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Youth Targets demanding Huge $?


May 27, 2009
Are you all having trouble with youth prospects asking ridiculous wages as 16-17 year olds?

Well, I've recently discovered a nice strategy that helps with the pain of signing these kids.

For example (wages are per anum, in USD)

If a regen is asking for $150,000 per year but will likely be playing in U19s and reserves...

I'll negotiate to ~$15,000 per year. But here is the kicker...I'll offer him a 50% yearly salary increase (the AI loves that wage clause), offer him max contract length, and add in the clause that after 5 games played, he will earn $150,000.

If I don't expect the player to activate the 5 game clause for 2 or 3 years, the 50% salary increase will only raise his salary to roughly $40,000 per year (I can live with that). By year 3, if he even makes 5 games, his salary goes to $150,000, and then he will only have 1-2 years left on contract. Add on 50% for 2 more years and he's making less than $300,000 a year as a contributor to the team.

If he doesn't work out before his salary increases, you won't lose much. If he does work out, you've saved roughly half a million dollars. If he asks for a new contract, you can drop the 50% salary increase!

I see this as both realistic and a cure to the problem I've seen many have with this issue.