Dec 9, 2010
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Hello guys i was hoping that someone has created or willing to create a Zeman tactic, most people know him for for those who don't know him
How Zeman was discovered
Zeman was most known for a crazy man because all he wanted to do is attack, in the links below it shows how he liked to play
Zdenek Zeman Philosophy - The Football Coach

He liked to play a 4-3-3 attacking tactic, He liked to play vertical, (through the middle) on FM and likes his wing backs getting forward. The transaction from the defence to the striker was exceptionally quick, it would take 4-5 short passes through the middle and then either Totti, Pjanic or florenzi will provide a killer ball towards the big striker for him to run towards the ball and score.

Another way was to utilise the extra men and to press high up, if you read the link below it shows how he likes to press and how he utilises the extra man

link:Zdenek Zeman Philosophy - The Football Coach

Back to the question
So if possible if someone had done the zeman tactics, could you PM me them or post here please..
Feel free to make your own and test as well, tell me how the results go

I am soon going to make my own set as well but im always busy with A level exams so i don't have so much time, so it would be much appreciated if someone comments and gets involved.