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    Why my team always fails?

    I manage at Bayern. Big club, big budget, great players, great facilities, great staff etc. But still, somehow, my team never delivers. Even when I win, it's never comfortable, but rather very tense and emotional and, to be fair, it feels more like stealing a victory through luck and...
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    Improving my Bayern side

    So, I have 100m E to improve my squad. I've sold Ribery and Robben and that's what my squad looks like : And my tactic, I need players for the positions left unpicked. I'm trying to create a total football side, with posession ... you know...
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    This game is really getting on my nerves. I can't understant how this game works. I'm with Man Utd and I want to play a quick, attacking football, something like Borussia Dortmund and I'm doing verry well at home but away my team is AWFUL. These are my tactics : Home : Away : As you...
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    I need help

    Hello guys, I just started playing FM 14 and I have a few problems. So, I'm with Liverpool in the first season and the things aren't working according to the plan. This is my squad : I transfered a few young players with potential, players like Koke and Montoya and a few already proved...
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    This is ******* frustrating !!!

    NO any assistant manager on this ******* Earth want to join my relegated Wigan side. Any sugestion ?
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    Wigan - English League Championship

    I have 12 million to strengthen my new team who will play in Champions this season ( 2012 / 2013 ) . I need a good poacher (Rodallega injured ) , Winger-Aml and a defender left .
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    Ajax- Defender Left

    Budget : 20 Million I need a good defensiv defender left. Preferably a Dutch.
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    Real Madrid - The Revolution

    Hello ,i am with Real Madrid and after some great matches , the board had decided to increase my budget , something like 130 million . This is my budget : And this is my squad : Who to buy ?
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    The best poacher

    I am with Real Madrid , so ... who is the best poacher in 2012 ?
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    Is Mario Gomez the man ?

    Hello , I use Raikan AMC tactic with Bayern in 2011 . With this tactic , i need a Poacher and i have Mario Gomez , is he good enough ? He is a great finisher with aerial skills and pace but ... his technique is AWFUL , he can`t dribble but , i think he don`t need this things if he is a...
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    Anji - 2011

    I just started a new game in Russia , with Anji . I have 33 million to spend and i need a good partener striker for Eto`o , a good Goalkeeper , a new CD and a midfielder with good passing and creativity skills . (H)
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    Central Midfielder

    After I won the triple in England ( Premier League , FA Cup , Carling Cup ) in my first season , I decided to strengthen the team . I need a central midfielder , someone like Hamsik , I tried to buy this Slovak but he chose Man City . Is Luka Modric a good player ? His creativity and pass skills...
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    The Mario Götze Team

    I just bought this wonderkid from Dortmund for the ''wonderful'' price of 110 million . Because he is very young and skillful i want to build my Liverpool team around him . I want to know which is the best tactic , formation , players and their roles . Currently i use a 4-3-3 tactic and i play...
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    The best CB

    I need the best CB in 2013 , money isn`t a problem . Maybe Gerard Pique ?
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    Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani.

    First , this isn't a this player vs that player . I manage Liverpool in 2012-2013 and i have a problem . I use Raikan AMC tactic and i don`t know who is the right choice . Suarez or Cavani ? Suarez scored lots of goals for me . In this season he scored 12 goals in 10 games so far in October but...