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    Fulham FC - A quest for Europa League dominance.

    Before I get FM10 I have decided to get a nice little following going so will be updating when I need to; Please don't give me stick for starting early! 8th August 2009 Just a week before the start of the English Premier League, as England prepare for the Olympics a hunt for the manager for...
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    Robin Van Persie - RVP.

    Robin Van Persie is one of my all time favorite Arsenal players but i can't help think that he can do so much better than he has been doing so far. Take for example YouTube- Van Persie - One of the Best Goals Ever! That goal is by far one of the best EVER scored - yet he does not have a very...
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    Old Skin or New Skin?

    Do you prefer the Old or New skin for FMBase? I prefer the Old one myself as I was used to it but the new one does have it's advantages; such as the buttons at the top are a lot better than they used to be. Leave your comments and vote!!