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    Bad Tactics

    As the title says, i am looking for bad tactics. I've played FM for a number of years and the tactics that are available to use are fantastic. I barely play these days as i can't justify paying full price for a handful of changes, that and the tactics here mean i end up wiping the floor with...
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    Goal line technology

    I hope they are going to introduce goal line technology into FM 2015 as its the 3rd time i have seen a keeper take the ball over the line and get nothing for it. If you look, the keeper has the ball in his hands but you can clearly the see shadow of the ball is 100% over the line The next...
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    Captain welcomes

    Spent the last 2 hours searching the internet for this. Dont know if anyone else would know 100%, but when you purchase a new player and the option "Ask captain to welcome the player" is available, what (if any) benefits are there from choosing either option? I'd assume perhaps the latter one...
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    Youth team training

    Not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but as i'm sure a lot of people know, its a pain in the *** to try and get good youth coaches to join to train your youth team as they all seem to want to join to coach the senior team. So i was wondering if anyone else puts all their youth team in...
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    Total football tactics discussion?

    Probably not the best place to ask this but figured i'd try here first as its most likely where most of the tactic creating geniuses go to when they log on this forum. I saw these 2 threads and they made me wonder if i am getting the best out of some of my players. [FM14]Total Domination...
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    Yellow Cards

    My players seem to get tons of yellow cards and i have no way of disciplining them when they get suspended so the they have no way of being discouraged from doing the same again. Sometimes i am able to criticise conduct or give a warning/fine but i think that's only for a sending off. Is there...