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    Hello, Just wondered if anyone has created any goof formations using this system? I have good wing backs and alot of strength through the middle... Tried a few different ways but hasnt worked, any help would be great! Thanks in advance...
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    Lone front man

    What role do you think works best for having a single striker? I've been playing as an advanced forward but wondered if anyone had a better suggestion... Any help is good
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    Bigger Clubs

    So... I'm now into my third season with Aston Villa in the Prem, doing quite well: 1st season: 6th 2nd season: 8th 3rd season: 4th with 15 games gone. So thats not the problem... I've picked up a few good buys and they have turned into amazing players, but a couple of years in a row my best...
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    Best LLM tactic (new patch)

    Whats your favourite plug and olay tactic on the new patch?? Using Xeons at the moment but not all going to plan!!
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    Carlos Fierro

    Found this 16 year old from Chivas in the first season and picked him up on a free! Now he starts in my QPR team and hes valued at £9.5mil. Last season he had an average rating of 7.36 in the league! Great player, has anyone else used him?
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    National Team Manager

    Im currently manager of Liverpool and England... Being manager of england can it have an effect on players wanting to come to me?
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    So my player hates me...

    Right, one of my best players now hates me forever.... I had a top of the table clash against chelsea and he got sent off for diving! i ended up losing the game and was slightly ****** off so i fined him 1 weeks wages. Now he says the fine was unfair and hes unhappy... Wont talk to me in the...
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    Lack Of Disapline

    A few times on this game players have been unhappy due to a lack of discipline at the club...what does this mean?? an how can i rectify it..?
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    Time for a change...?

    Ive taken my FC Halifax team up from the Blue Square North and im now into the Premier League.... But im hitting that stage where i start to get a little bit bored of my game!! do i stay with them and try get glory? Or leave for either a higher or lower team.....
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    2nd season with Liecster

    Right, got them promoted in my first season and got a budjet of 20m or so.... Anyone got any ideas for LB, and ST? and maybe a CM too Thanks in advance
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    Notts county

    Im in my first season with notts, im trying to get them up to the fligh just like sven wants them... ive just been given 2.1 mil to spend in the january transfer window. anyone got any ideas of good players that would come to me? thanks in advance