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Recent content by Angus1

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    FMRTE help

    Is there away to edit a teams default formation and starting 11 on the editor?
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    Diego Buonanotte

    Started a new game recently and was going to sign him but my friend said he get injured in January for months as he was injured in real life in a car crash, is this true?
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    Bad second half performances

    Im playing 3rd season as Barcelona and I cant seem to keep a good performance going in the second half Like recently I was 4-0 up at half time agianst Osasuna and and it finished 4-1 and the next game I was 5-0 at half time agianst elbar and my team didnt score once in the second half Does...
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    April fools

    Just got this on fm, I thought the message seemed to good to be true:( The message under the April fools box says: "In an incredible display of generosity, the Barcelona board has decided to award you with a sum in the region of £500M to spend on players and a new stadium Please confirm your...
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    Selling off some players

    Im not far from the end of my second season as Barcelona and by the start of the 3rd season ill have to much competition for places as alot of young players that Ive signed Will be too old for the under 19's My squad at the moment is: Goalkeepers - Valdes Defenders - Puyol,Pique,Daniel...
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    Fastest goal

    Just wondering what some peoples fastest goal was, I thought this was pretty quick
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    Gamertag help

    I've seen people on the site with their xbox live gamertags on thier forum signatures and I was wondering how to get mine in, I went on my gamercard .net and get mine but I dont know how to get it on becasue it says invalid file when I try to save it. Does anyone know how to upload it?
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    My strikers cant score

    I'm having a problem with my man city game and its that none of my strikers are scoring goals anymore, I'm in my second season and I play an attacking 4-4-2 that that I used the previous season and got much more goals with but my team hasnt scored in 3 games now and even before that most of my...
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    Player of the year?

    Anybody got any thoughts on who'll win the spl's player of the year? For me it has to be Scott Brown hes been solid for celtic this season
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    Christian Pander

    I started a game as liverpool and I was looking through players and I saw Pander from Schalke, his stats look better than Aurelio's but my scouts say I should avoid signing him. Is he worth buying anyway?