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    Leeds United transfer plan

    This is my transfer plan for my Leeds United at the beginning of the third season, first in the Premier; in the first one we lost ( kind of deliberately ) in the play offs , in the second one I changed tactics from 41221 to 4141 and won the Championship with 103 points. Any opinion is welcomed...
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    Tactics from demo to full version

    What do you think, if my tactic is working on the demo ( first place with Leeds, playing in a very fast mode, only for testing - click continue, only change players if injured, random answers to press conference etc) will it also work in the full version? Thanks
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    Should I sell this one for 60M pounds?

    60M pounds from Spurs, all upfront. I'm inclined to sell, he's not my first choice for now.
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    Would you spend 42M pounds on him?

    And 25M on this one: ? English newgens are the most expensive i have ever seen. Nobody wants to sell them , even if i try when they are 16, 17, 20 year old etc.
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    Leeds United - a tactical experiment

    I bought the game a few days ago but I'm still to press the Continue button... I'm studying the team and trying to develop a tactical system. 1. Analyzing the squad- strengths and weaknesses We have a determined squad , with an average height of 183 cm ( 184 is the best average for the...
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    4-1-2-1-2 Leeds Possesion

    Can you please take a look at my tactic and say if it has any major flaws? Did I made some big mistakes with players role or team instruction? I want to make a tactic in wich my team don't concede to much and we will be in the first 3 teams in championship. I started 4 or maybe 5 saves with...
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    Leeds United- Nothing is granted!

    Hi, my first game of football management was called USM98. Since then I*ve been playing Championship Manager series and latter on Football Manager series. Still, i haven*t been playing FM since 2012 and this will be my first FM 2015 game/story. I always played FM with Leeds ( kind of strange...