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Recent content by Ashaman

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    Leeds 1st season

    I need player for leeds on all position...
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    I need AML

    I am playing with Red Star,2. season,I need some young AML,budget 10 milion for AML-max.. p.s Sorry for my english
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    Trainig help me..

    I need traning for youth and my first team..I want trainig that will be quickely improve my players..and I want simple trainig not compliced.. P.S Sorry for my english..I am trying to learn,but..:D
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    First season Leeds United..

    I need good players,that will came to Leeds..... ---------- Post added at 07:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:39 PM ---------- I need DC DR Dl Cm Wingers ST...
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    Realy good AMR

    Club: Red Star Season: 2014-2015 budget: 35 milions Wage: 60.000 -I need some realy good AMR...
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    Youth coach and first team coach...

    I am building youth academy,I improve all fascilites,and i have all great coach,and training schedules....But how to find good youth coach,what attributes he must to have,maybe Working with youngester and DDM,but I am not sure,and also I want to now ,wwhat is first team coach... Thanks...
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    Tardelli or Yaya Sanogo

    I have Tardelli(28 age),but I now have chances to sing Yaya Sanogo (20 age) for free,but If I sign Sanogo,I will must to sell Tardelli..So I do not what to do now... Please help,and be fast... Thanks....
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    I am creating Red Star Academy,I imrpove all my fascilities....:D So i will ask you what i need to do now,when I imrpove my fascilities,I playing with Red Star,and I do not have god feder club.. Also I need link for good training schedules....
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    I need ST

    I am in 2013-2014,I playing with Red Star.... I need goalscorer,some realy good striker.... Budget: 25 milion Wage: 30.000 per a week.. GO !!!!!
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    I have problem,all my player all always need something,and I have always 3-5 unhappy players.....how to resolve this problem...
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    Who is better Shaqiri or Iturbe or........

    I have Shaqiri in Red Star,and I have 17 milion offer for him,but If i sold him,I need replacement for him,I thinkig about Iturbe,do you now somebody else.... P.S Sorry for my bad english...
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    Training for Shaqiri

    I need help,what I need to do with Shaqiri..training and else......Help please.... P.S I am 2nd season with Red Star,I do not have tutor for him, he plays in first team for me....
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    I need young DL..

    I need replacement for Lee Ady,beacuse he is unhapy,and I Dortnund send me good offer for him.... At most 24 age.. Max budget: 2-3 milions Wage budget: 8000-9000 per a week...
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    I need cheap goalscorer,but wonderkind

    He most be young,wonderkind,with small wage.... GOOOOOOOO;)
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    Red Star

    I am playing with Red Star,I am just finish second season,2011-2012...I am playing in quaterfinales in Chapmions league,I get lucky..... But I have litle problem,I can not find god and cheap striker and rightback,beacuse I am only have max 4400 p-w for him....So help me,find me a good player...