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    Set Pieces

    Has anyone got any successful set piece set ups they use? I had a corner set up on FM 15 but cant seem to find one for FM 16 :(
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    I have just loaded up my save to start playing it today and everyones first names are random and weird :( all there last names are there normal names, normally if this happens its there full name thats different and i just restart my laptop and its fine but ive tried that and its not working :(...
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    Tighter defence

    I have created my own tactic with Everton which works well, score plenty of goals but concede a few to many, is there any instructions (player or team) that would make my defence less leaky? I play a 4-4-1-1: Goalkeeper defend Full backs on support Centre backs on defend Wingers on attack...
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    Saving tactic

    When i create my own tactic and save it, and when i go to use it again say on another save its not there, does anyone know why? or am i being thick? :(
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    Release clauses

    What good release clauses have you found? Munir from barca - 10.25 mill Andrija zivkovic - 3.8 mill Marco reus - 21 mill Any others?
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    Yuri Meleleo

    Just come across this guy, he's got really good technical stats and his mental stats aren't bad neither for his age, was just wondering if anyone had any future screenshots of him or any experience of using him or anything etc ? :)
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    Coaching course

    What does a coaching course actually do? Does it make there attributes go up or just give them better reputation? I've always wondered!
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    Good 4-4-2 tactics?

    As the title says really, thanks!
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    Games in a season

    Was just wondering what's the most amount of games your team has played in 1 full season? (friendliest doesn't count) Recently finished my second season with Liverpool and had 70 competitive matches, got to final of capital one cup, final of fa cup and final of Europa league, had 3rd round...
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    Has anyone got a list of all the best players preferred moves for each individual role? I have young players who I will be keeping for many years so want to teach them all the best preferred moves now Any help is appreciated :)
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    Fulham first season, got 3.25 mill and I need a Trequartista, not bothered about age cause I'll start properly next season with major transfers etcc Please help :)
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    Home grown players

    Was just wondering how players get the 'home grown' status for a club? Is it from being at the same club for x amount of time? Is it being British? (If I'm an English team) If I sign say a Spanish player at the age of 16, will he become home grown when he's over 21? Appreciate any help
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    4-4-2 tactics

    Is there any 4-4-2 tactics that use a target man and a poacher about that are good and effective?
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    Set pieces on latest patch

    The classic near post corner tactic doesnt seem to work anymore since the latest update, does anyone have any corner routines set up that give them plenty of goals?
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    Lucas Silva - Cruzeiro

    Lucas Silva Cruzeiro Brazilian Natural DM/Accomplished CM 20 years old Is on new patch and you wont need Brazilian league loaded Stats are good at everything, doesn't have any noticeable weakness' Only have starting screenshot, if someone has a future screenshot that would be great