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    RB at Villa - Season 3

    I'm currently managing Villa in the 3rd season - looking for a young right back in the January transfer window who I can develop and will be able to compete with Seamus Coleman within the coming seasons, I currently have Bacuna who I'm looking to sell in January, I'm currently in 5th and...
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    Aston Villa - Glory back to Villa Park?

    1st July 2015 - After last season's disaster in the Premier League, Xia Tony has today appointed a shock appointment of Ben Smith in charge of the huge club, the manager has no past manager experience and is the youngest manager in England by far at just the age of 27. Tony has set a transfer...
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    The City Of Chelmsford - The Journey Starts Here

    Breaking news - 6th July 2014 - Mark Hawkes resigns as Chelmsford manager, rookie manager Ben Hance will take over with immediate effect The club have released a statement after Mark Hawkes has resigned as manager, and Ben Hance has taken over with immediate effect. The club have cut down on...
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    Free Agents Challenge

    I have done this challenge the last few years where every player has been a free agent and budgets have been made too 0 and a huge wage budget. I have looked through the forum and haven't seen anything similar too this made for this game, if anyone could make me a database like this or link me...
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    The Life in charge of West Bromich Albion

    A huge thanks to LFCMarshall, who has made this save possible with his updated transfers. I would recommend everyone to download his editor data file, which can be found at...
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    How to keep as much money from transfers out as possible?

    One of the most annoying feature of FM for me is that when I sell a player, I only get a small percentage of the money. Does anyone know how to retain 100% of income when I sell players?
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    Spurs Season One

    Got 20m to spend, looking at signing a LB and a ST. Maybe a CB aswell. Will be selling very few players, maybe the likes of Naughton etc. But not anyone else really. Any suggestions?
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    Watford - Season One

    Need a LM and a replacement for Angella (CM) who I just sold to Southampton for 6.5m. Looking for a few young players. All comments are appreciated.
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    Super League

    I would like if possible someone to make me a super league, 10 teams in a few amount of leagues with 2 promoted and 2 relegated. Up to you what leagues, if anyone can do it it would be very thankful :)
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    Coventry City - The road to the Prem

    It all started a few years after my course to become a football manager when Havant & Waterlooville approached me to be their manager back in 08-09, I took them from the Conference South to the Conference Prem in my first season, in my second I finished 9th in the Prem and then I finished 4th in...
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    Best Signings for each league

    Doing a save, 1 team in every league, any tips
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    West Brom - Season One - Summer TW

    Right, I am using the January update and have a budget of £5m to spend. I have reviewed my squad and I need to sign a defensive midfielder to partner Mulumbu. I am also looking for a central attacking-midfielder to play instead of Gera. I could also do with some more defensive options for backup...
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    Sheffield United - Season One

    So, I am looking for some players on my Sheffield United career to gain promotion to the nPower Championship, and seeing as League One is the only league I haven't managed yet on the game, I may struggle. So please, leave any hints and tips below! Thank you.
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    Road to the Prem with Sheffield United

    So, my last story wasn't too successful with Chelmsford City, so I thought I'd leave that and come onto a save with League One side Sheffield United and their bid for promotion to the nPower Championship, and who knows, maybe even the Prem. So, first of all, I would like all of you to suggest...
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    Not the Prem, the fans hope for the Den

    Rats. The only thing I'd see in the Radleigh United changing rooms on a Sunday morning were rats. ****** rats. Not eager footballers, not a buzz of excitement, but rats. It was so much so that when we had our cup final, I treated the players to a night out in town, and even then only half the...