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  1. bennymc2007

    [FM20] The Busby Babes

    Updated competition wins... Accurate (as much as poss) kits... Full compliment of staff... First Team players... Player attributes, PPM's, personality and positions all researched... Details of each player's history including debut...
  2. bennymc2007

    [FM20] The Busby Babes

    Hello, FM fans! I've been using my self-isolation productively and have re-created the Busby Babes. They replace 2020's Man Utd in-game and it's a fairly accurate recreation of the side at the end of 1956-57, the team's last full season before the Munich disaster. I'm really excited to...
  3. bennymc2007

    Man Utd Legends: Updated for FM14!

    After being inspired to get database-ing again after being involved in Fenech's potentially brilliant legends database thread (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/392345-Ultimate-Stars-And-Legends-Game-FM14-(1880-s-2014)), I've decided to update my "Man Utd Legends" database that I've...
  4. bennymc2007

    Man Utd Legends

    Mods appear to be ignoring my request to move my database here, so I'll do it myself. Please follow this link to the Editing Discussion sub-forum to download and play my "United Legends" database...
  5. bennymc2007

    Legends: Man United

    Link to download is at the bottom of this post! Hello folks, Have you ever wondered if today's Man Utd stars could stand toe-to-toe with the Busby Babes? How might the Fergie Fledglings fair against Big Ron's cup specialists? Are the 1968 side the greatest of all? Well here's your chance to...
  6. bennymc2007

    bennymc's Man United Historical Challenge

    UPDATE: Fixed the problem on v12.2.2 which had been ******** up player faces! (Download link below) Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g9d3lu Hello! This is the Man United Challenge, 10 teams from the illustrious history of Manchester United Football Club pitted against one another...
  7. bennymc2007

    Man United Challenge

    Hello everyone, if, like me, you've wondered who Manchester United's best ever team is, and had to stop when it became obvious that long since forgotten history can't be replicated now, then this database is for you. I've come up with the Man United Challenge, it pits 9 great Man United sides...
  8. bennymc2007

    Player Names

    Something I've always wondered with FM is why do the players have anglicised names all the time? Tosic for example, should be Tošić, Vidic should be Vidić. This is pedantic, I know, but I just find it strange that in a game that's striving for realism, players names aren't right. Does anyone...
  9. bennymc2007


    When you look at a player's history, the info about their appearances and goals etc only gives you their league information, rather than total information; I know it's been doing this for a while, maybe since the first change from CM to FM; but is there a way to alter the settings to get it to...
  10. bennymc2007

    Northampton Town

    I'm a Man Utd fan, and I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when you choose to play as Man Utd on FM it's easy, way too easy. So much so, that if someone tells me they've won everything with Man Utd, it doesn't even surprise me, I don't care. So for the latest version of FM, I decided...
  11. bennymc2007


    Hello everyone, I forgot to do this yesterday, but my name is Ben, I'm a Man Utd fan and I've been playing CM/FM since CM2. I'm originally from Wales, but live in Canada now.