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    Idea for an Auction game/Draft game/NBA Style game

    As I have a break in my exams until Monday I had time to think about doing something that was not studying or how do I pretend I’m studying when I really am not. I am proposing a style of FM game that borrows a bit from an auction game style, a bit from a draft game style and a bit from real...
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    NBA 2k12 Online Association

    Username PSN-ID Brian Arthurisgreat Redrup Redrup Pokiuki123 Pokiuki I'm planning to start an Online Association for Nba2k12 and I was wondering was anyone interested in joining it from Base.The Association will be for the PS3. Don't...
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    24h Stream of FM for charity

    There is a charity stream that I have no involvement with on for charity. Adam Le Fondre is taking part and its a decent watch. Donate if you want its not compulsory but it will help them. heres the link totalteamtalk
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    Draft Network Game (no noobs)

    4 of us in IRC have decided to do a network game with a twist It involves you starting with a blank teamsheet and then picking players to play on your team. It goes in order from 1 through to how many we get and then back in reverse order. Don't bother asking to play unless you are a committed...
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    Fifa Supreme League [PS3]

    *Only apply if you’re able to play FIFA regularly and do not need to be hassled to play league matches* I have gotten permission from Tiraths for this :wub: So here’s the idea: I want to set up a league which is similar to FIFA11 Ultimate Team in principal, although we create 2 leagues and you...
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    Birminghams Finances Are Jeopardising Their European Place

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-1363387/Nick-Harris-Birminghams-finances-European-place-jeopardy.html?ITO=1490 As Inside Sport has catalogued in recent months, Birmingham's finances remain precarious and events this week suggest they are getting worse. A statement to the Hong Kong...
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    Accusations Cloud Russias 2012 Campaign

    http://backpagefootball.com/europe/accusations-cloud-russias-2012-campaign/ Orignal Article ^ Accusations cloud Russia’s 2012 campaign February 13th, 2011 by Domm Norris There are many problems within Russian society that require addressing – from the prominence of the black market to the...
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    The International Rules Thread

    This is a thread mainly for the Irish and Austrailian people on the website to discuss the Internation rules series The Sport and rules are explained here The first game kicks off tonight at 7.00 Irish and British time in The Gaelic Grounds, Limerick The second game kicks off on Saturday...
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    FM Base Rovers - PS3 - FIFA11 - ProClub

    ***READ THIS BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN*** FM-Base Rovers is a FIFA 10 Pro Club ran by Jonesy and Brian 95. We do take it quite seriously, but we have fun while playing it. We Contact via MSN, PMing eachother and PS3 Messaging. If you want to get other peoples MSN's, Don't Be Afraid to ask...
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    The Junior Cert Thread

    As the results came out today I thought people could share theirs on this. Btw this is the Irish equivalent to the English GCSE's I think Anyway to start i only did 9 subjects and my results were English- A Business studies- A History- B Geography- B CSPE-B Maths- B Science - B Irish - C...
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    Fifa Ps3 ladder- the ladder and match result thread

    This is the actual thread for the ladder and match results and challenges for the other thread here http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=46899 The Ladder no.-basename-psn id 1.Redrup - Redrup 2.JDY - JDY11 3.Garland442 - garland87 4.Brian 95 - Arthurisgreat 5. Rhys93 -...
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    Fifa Ps3 ladder sign up and discussion

    I have decided that I would set up a ladder system on fifa. Yes I took the idea from the xbox one a while back. - So I credit Dunc, the original creator, for being awesome. Actual ladder thread here http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=46902 It is like a boxing style system where if...
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    Fantasy Club Logo Requests

    I am requesting 20 created club logos for a database i am making. They will not have to be greatly detailed just normal. If any one is interested reply on this thread and I will PM you the details. No Configs needed And Dunc not you please
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    Fifa Fm Base pro club (ps3).

    Read this before applying I know there is already one but as it didnt really work and there was some interest Jones1871 and I have decided to start another one. My psn id is Arthurisgreat. Must have been a member for 3 weeks to get into the team. Dont need to be a good pro as we will work our...
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    Almeida, Baptista or Henry

    Almeida,Baptista or Henry as a striker. Keep in mind not just for one season