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    Post Your Bargains

    Basically post in here any bargains you get and share them here with everyone on FM Base :) Template: Team Buying (you) : Team Selling : Price : Year : Screenshots (optional) : * Games starting with the 11.1.1 update with the transfer bug do not count as bargains for obvious reasons.
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    Most Pass' In Game?

    I posted this because I have just got an insane amount of pass' in a game and wondered what everyone elses is.
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    Lionel Messi

    Name: Lionel Messi Club: Barcelona D.O.B: 24/6/1987 Nationality: Argentinion Position: M (R,L) AM (R,L,C) ST Agent: Hector Cruz Strengths: Everything Weaknesses: Heading, Jumping, Agression Description: Midfield Playmaker Personality: Resilient Suggested Roles: Trequirista - Attack...
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    Klasnic Arrested On Suspicion Of Rape

    Bolton Forwad Ivan Klasnic has been arrested on the suspicion of rape He is set to appear at the Manchester police station on November 1.
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    Login To Youtube Problems

    Basically I'm trying to login to my youtube account so I can post my goals on their. However when I try to log in it comes up with the error message ' login failed to internet connection issues' . I don't why this comes up because the internet is clearly working because I am on here. So if you...
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    Highest Scoring Game in FM2011?

    Does what it says on the tin, post your highest scoring game / biggest win in here. Heres mine:
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    Birmingham City Challenge

    Basically it's the same reason as everybody else, I can't get into a decent game so I thought why not do a challange with other people and with the competition it helps keep you interested. The challange will be to get Birmingham City into Europe and eventually challenging for the title...
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    Work Experience

    Hey Guys, I have got to choose my work experience placements soon and have no clue where to go. Just wondering if anyone could give me some ideas and where they have been. Thanks.
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    Face Pack Problem

    Basically I downloaded this http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=1040 and then when i extract the files to the graphics folder it says it going to take over 5 days. If theres something i'm doing wrong or if somebody could help me it would be really appreiciated. Thanks.
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    Applying for an international job when already employed

    Basically I was wondering when you employed in a domestic job can you apply for an international job and do both with the Same manager I'm pretty sure you can because I've seen people do it in storys but I just don't want to screw up my game by accepting it and then losing the domestic job
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    Top Scorer Next Season In The EPL

    Time to guess who's going to be the top scorer next season.
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    Best player you've signed on a free

    I was just wondering what was the best signing anyones signed on a free?
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    Kiko Fermenia

    He looks promising at the start of the game but never seen him past one season is he any good? And how good does he get?
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    Luis Suarez

    I just wondered has anyone had success with him and is he a prolific goalscorer.
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    San Siro Superiority - A Story By Brummy123 and Miskell99

    Today AC Milan have announced that manager Leonardo has resigned to join one of his childhood favourite clubs Sao Paulo. With the AC Milan board looking to appoint a manager as quick as possible they have decided to appoint an unknown english sunday leaague manager called Matt Hobbs. In an...