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    Muramasa's 1-4-3-2
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    !!! FM20.4(4-2-1-2)@[email protected]

    Generally speaking, a tactic needs time to be working full. Second season, build a better squad. Third season complete the squad.
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    Non-league - Tactics & Training Help

    If you hit the club badge from the left side, you will see your club status. If you train twice a week, you are a semi professional club. For training, I recommend to use general sessions like Overall, Attacking, Defending, Possession.
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Try different browser
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    Non-league - Tactics & Training Help

    424 is very attacking formation. You need a little more defensive formation to save the league. I am recommend below 2 tactics from Knap: FIRE & WATER VOL 2 41311 P108 EC CC & KASHMIR VOL 5 4141 P103 ALL CUPS ==== Training: Do your club has been converted to "professional" or it is...
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    23212 Asymetric - Lot of Goals

    Norwich may have media prediction last; but it's not the one with the worst average current ability (CA) within the league. Also, I have simulated a lot of times the PL and Norwich always finished above middle table. Not sure why people call "underdog" Norwich team. Any comparison between real...
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    Best Tactic?

    Basically, I trust test leagues - I was a tactic tester for FM Base and the reason is simple. 1. No cheat. 2. No "reload" scam. 3. 90+ matches. 4. CA & Reputation Match (as much as possible). 5. Eliminating RNG effect. Any tactic test league, will not give you an 100% accurate result. It's a...
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    Shared Tactics - Read Before Posting

    Version number is the version of your tactic
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    Tactic Testing is fun!
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    Best Tactic?

    Have you tried anyone from below link?
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    Football Manager Performance

    CPU is most important for Football Manager. Second RAM and third graphic card - if you watch matches in 3D. SSD is a plus.
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    Unable to pay in instalments

    Please post a screenshot
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    Why is standard logopack 20 is deleted?

    Ca you be more specific?
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    Fm20 graphics issue

    1. Does your graphic card version is up to date? 2. Try this solution also ( )
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    Growing "Working with Youngsters" trait

    My question also. Maybe if you manage - play games with Youths? I have no idea.