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    The harsh life of football management

    And so it beginning...... For some strange reason unknown to myself i have always had a soft spot for the canaries’, maybe it’s the yellow kits, maybe Delia’s drunken words at half time, or the recent resurgence of the club to the top flight who knows. I took over with the self made...
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    Dover Athletic : From bottom to top

    And it begins..... In the year 2013 Dover Athletic an set to take part in their first season in the professional leagues of English football as they get ready to take on the big boys of League 2. The last two season has seen the club smashing non league and club records, with back to back...
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    Michael Chacon

    Name: Michael Chacon Club: sc Heerenveen D.O.B: 11.4.1194 Nationality: Dutch Position: AM/ST Strengths: Finishing, Passing, Dribbling, First Touch, Techinque, Pace, Acceleration, Creativity Weaknesses: Bravery, Marking, Strength Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly Professional...
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    Nathan Kabasele

    Name: Nathan Kabasele Club: Anderlecht D.O.B: 14.1.1994 Nationality: Belgian Position: ST Strengths: Pace, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Heading, Passing, Techinque, Strength, Jumping Weaknesses: Stamina, Bravery, Influence Description: Promising Forward Personality: Fairly Professional...
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    Serge Gamwanya

    Name: Serge Gamwanya Club: Rosenberg D.O.B: 16.4.1995 Nationality: Norwegian Position: DC/MC/AMC Strengths: Tackling, Passing, First Touch, Technique, Pace Weaknesses: Strength, Composure Description: Promising Center Back Personality: Resolute Suggested Roles: Deep laying Midfielder
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    Ricardo Kishna

    Name: Ricardo Kishna Club: Ajax D.O.B: 4.1.1995 Nationality: Dutch Position: AML/ST Strengths: Finishing, Passing, Dribbling, First Touch, Techinque, Pace, Acceleration Weaknesses: Strength, Desisions, Stamina Description: Promising Winger Personality: Professional Suggested Roles: Inside Forward
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    Jordan Ikoko

    Name: Jordan Ikoko Club: P.S.G. D.O.B: 3.2.1994 Nationality: French Position: DR/ WBR Strengths: Pace, Acceleration, Stamina, Crossing Weaknesses: Jumping, Heading Description: Promising Full Back Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles: Full Back
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    League of Ireland: One to try

    After look throughout the internet it is quite hard to find anything to do with the League of Ireland in regards to FM 2011, others my know the league as the Airtricity League or its previous name the Eircom League. The League is quite an exciting one with challenges of taking over a small club...
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    Bruno Martins Indi

    Name: Bruno Martins Indi Club: Feyenoord D.O.B: 8.2.1992 Nationality: Dutch Position: Defender (Centre)/ D(L) Strengths: Marking, Heading, Tackling, Positioning, Work Rate, Bravery, Balance Weaknesses: Flair, Dribbling, Finishing, Long Shots IRL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsvE7zwtbFY...
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    Diego Cabrera

    Name: Diego Cabrera Club: Pasto D.O.B: 13.8.1982 Nationality: Bolivian Position: Striker Strengths: Finishing, Heading, Jumping, Positioning, Off The Ball, Determination Weaknesses: Agility, Dribbling, Passing Description: Nomadic Striker Personality: Balanced For only £12k who wouldn't...
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    Rebuilding the Palace: to former glory and beyond

    Rebuilding the Palace: to former glory and beyond Game Details: LFCMarshall's January 2011 update V3. Will be using my own tactic. No cheating, no corner bugs, no taking advantage of monthly installments, past experience set as automatic. Club History and New Era Crystal Palace...
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    Dzmitry Verkhovtsov : Belarusian Tower

    Name: Dzmitry Verkhovtsov Club: Naftan D.O.B: 10/10/1986 Nationality: Belarusian Position: Centre back, defensive midfielder Agent: Valeriy Fedorov Strengths: heading, strength, marking, tackling, jumping, bravery Weaknesses: Creativity, decisions, technique Description: Towering...
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    The Woodwork Challenge: How Unlucky Have You Been

    The Woodwork Challenge Just recently played a game versus Preston and i thought it might be interesting to see how unlucky people have been. The most amount of times in a competitive match my team hit the post is 5 times, I'm sure there id plenty of people how has had one of those days where...
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    Vitali Rodionov : Cheap Goal Scorer

    Starts of at BATE and the Belarus international can be got for around 100k, some people may know him from fm2010 and he is back again and a cheap must buy for lower premiership and championship sides. Bit of an all rounder with an eye for goal and good pace. little tip check out the rest of the...
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    Vincent Aboubakar

    18 year old (when game starts) Cameroon striker, looks very promising and has had rave reviews from scouts. Physical and mental attributes very impressive. check him out. http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/players/player=323698/index.html Real life profile from 2010 World Cup