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    Right winger for Lazio on the 1st season

    Hey just got Fm19 recently and decided to start a save with Lazio, i´m having a problem with the RW, to put you in context I will explain how my team works I´m using a 433 formation with some modifications on the Vertical tiki taka preset Strakosha (SK - S) Marusic (CWB - S) Bastos (CD - D)...
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    Substitute for Ben Yedder on 4th season

    Well i´m starting my fourth season on Milan, on my first season I picked up Ben Yedder for 7M as he was unhappy at Sevilla, he is currently my main striker, he scored 18 goals on his first season, 37 on his second and 26 on his third, missing 2 months due to an injury, he is incredible, playing...
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    Help with my first tactic 4411.

    I need help with my first own tactic, im trying to make a offensive 4411, kinda direct play, not using long passes to the striker, Im testing it with Boca Juniors, i got this roles for now: SK - D: Guillermo Sara -Distribute to defenders Right Fullback - Attack: Gino Peruzzi -Run Wide with ball...