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    Scottish Junior Kits

    does anybody have a link or can make scottish junior football teams kits (highland league,south of scotland league etc.) thanks in advance
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    New Leagues

    Wouldn't scottish football be better with different leagues
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    Team to Team-A Scotland Story

    TEAM TO TEAM A EUROPEAN STORY Intro So here I am 34 years old,sitting on the bench again for Forfar Ath. **** Campbell loves his Strikers Bryan Deasley,Dale Hilson and Chris Templeman.But me I won a Champions League Runners-up Medal and a UEFA Cup winners medal.I won 4 Albanian Liga winners...
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    Shire Revival!!!! A story of East Stirlingshire FC

    This is my Story about what was Brittains worst football team. Heres a few stats and facts to let you know. I AM 12 so dont say nasty hings Sir Alex Ferguson once managed here(for 117 days) They have won 2 competitive compititions(Scottish 1st Division and Second Division.Both Before 1950...