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    not able to build a new stadium?

    hi didnt know where to put this but here it is, i've been trying since i got promoted as i get atleast 20 sell-outs a season but it wont let me? anyone know as to why this is happening? thanks
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    just downloaded thought great can finally can muck around with my season then i see this. Any reasons to why this happens, any solutions? many thanks
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    build new stadiums

    is there any chance of increasing the chances of having a stadium being built?
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    never seen this before

    ahs anybody else had this, if you have i obvisouly dont play it enough but still here's the screenshot
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    'resource archiver'

    what the **** is the resource archiver never seen this before can someone explain to me please ---------- Post added at 03:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:37 AM ---------- anyone?
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    this player is a regen but i'm just confused by his stats and value, his stats are about average but every time he gets in the penalty box or just outside it he scores no matter what, its confusing, this season i havent played him in the league i've played him in the cup and he came on in the...
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    Genie Scout?

    Does anyone know when the genie scout for '11 will be out?
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    key skills for different positions

    can anyone give me the list of skills needed for Goalkeepers, Full Backs, Centre Backs, Wingers, Centre Mid and Strikers. Many thanks
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    What do you think of today's match Reading V Bristol + opinion on David James

    today i was at the reading match as a keen supporter watched David James melt down in front of me to be fair he had a good first half but because his defenders fell asleeep after bristol went 1-0 up they fell asleep and conceded 2 goals within about 20 minutes to be fair if they didnt fall...
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    Where is the editor?

    this year i installed it for the first time via steam, the past years its been easy to find now i cant find it anywhere? any help would be much appreciated
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    where do i locate fifa ultimate team on ps3 ??? anyone?? i cant find it :(
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    flipping heck i would hate to be in this

    wow this must have really hurt look at this video http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/cycling/8590368.stm
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    Ps3 YLOD repair

    as i have got the ylod for the second time 3 weeks ago it looks like i have to get it repaired again so should i get it repaired then sell it and get a xbox? woops mucked up the poll if it ends before you can vote just post ure answer
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    Is Europe Possible?

    i was just wondering if you could create a team and put them straight into the the champions league or europa league? oh by the way i couldnt find anything on this if i did i wouldnt of posted
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    2 questions

    1) i was just wondering if there is any way of getting rid off the squad limit for the epl in season 2 onwards and if so how to get rid of it??? 2) when you edit stuff whenoyou have already started the game how do you envolve it in the save because i have heard you can do it