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Feb 26, 2010
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hi didnt know where to put this but here it is, i've been trying since i got promoted as i get atleast 20 sell-outs a season but it wont let me? anyone know as to why this is happening?
In my save before i lost it :( i got to 2020 before i could ask.. sucks i know but ah well
no but everytime i ask the board they always so no so can any help me aswell?
you either dont fill your stadium out to its full capacity or you dont have enough money

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anyone that can help? really need help because i had 18 stadium sell-outs this season and they still wont let me select build new stadium :/
If you dont own the stadium, probably they wont build a new one unless your club is loaded with money.
well we own the stadium + were worth £950 million so i dont see why not?
i have it has to be black and bold to click on it otherwise i wont be posting on here ******
thanks mate, just tryed it, they said they dfont see the point in building a new stadium at this time, its twenty years old and is at it's full capacity so i dont see why not
the stadium is only 20 years old and you dont see why they should build a new one lmao
exactly, your board arent going to build a new stadium every 20 years are they ?
i know they aren't but if the stadium is being pcked to its full capacity then why not?
Because they just built one, the emirates is full all the time yet arsenal arent going to build a new stadium are they lol
If its full capacity it means your getting loads of money, be happy with that
mullen, he hasn't said he wants a stadium every 20 years so try to be sociable mate
If you read over the thread, he wants a new stadium built yet his current stadium was only built 20 years ago, im just saying the board arent going to build one are they ?