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    Penalty taker CRASH

    Hey all ive just started playing this years FM18 it seems really good so far apart from when i get a penalty , i am unable to carry the game on . Does anyone know why this happens or if its a known bug?
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    Dover Just been Promoted to League 2 Good players please??

    Hello all im aiming to take dover from conference to premier league like i do every FM , can anyone give me some good signings for my second season in the FL divison 2 ?
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    Best tactic for taking barnet to the premier league???.

    Hey all I want to take a conference team through to the premier leauge . what do you think would be the best tactic and tips for me to reach my goal???
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    Dover second season in skrill prem good players please?

    I need a list of good players to help me push through into League 2? im currently using the fettish tactics 4-1-4-1
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    What does everyone do after there first season ?

    What does everyone do after the first season with a tactic? Do you keep the same one and just try to keep your players morale up etc? im having real trouble in my second seasons on every save i do ........ Frustrated!!!
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    There is not one decent tactic for low league clubs!!!!

    Really frustrated at the moment ... every tactic i try with a team in the skrill south doesnt work .. what am i doing wrong?
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    Players for skrill premier?

    Hey all are there any gems on frees at the start?
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    Need help in creating tactics???

    Hey all I'm new to this years fm14 so would be really grateful if someone could go through what it takes to make a good tactic? im a total noob to this years match engine so would like to know how best to create tactics and ways to play. much appreciated coup1980
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    Patch 14.3 .... is there a problem with it ? Not one tactic ive tried using works

    Hey all ive been trying a ton of tactics with the new 14.3 patch and none seem to work they just concede constantly .. are there any known problems etc?
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    Are there any lists for players suitable for the Skrill south/north ?

    Are there any lists out there for players for the skrill south/north ? Ive looked around and can find hardly any ... so does anyone have any players they can advise me on helping me get up the league?
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    Taking a skill south side to the Premier league best tactic?

    Hey all I'm planning on taking my beloved Dover athletic to the promised land just like the past two fm's I'm looking for advice and links to good tactics I've tried a lot already this year and none seem very good for a lower league team, I've tried super kondas,arrigo sacchi , jassar's tactics...
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    Back again Need a new plug and play tactic that can be used with lower league teams ?

    Hey all i used to use Mr langtvans tactics in fm13 to great effect taking dover to the prem etc... Are there any plug and play tactics this year that you can advise me on ? cheers all coup1980
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    Good players for Skrill South/North free preferably

    Hey all im looking for a list of really good players to help me get out of the Skrill south ? All pos possible please cheers
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    Back for more .... Need good tactics for low league clubs like Dover etc ??

    Hey all im back and planning on taking my beloved dover back to the premier league once more , What are the best tactics to use to take me all the way ? cheers